“Changing the world, one child and one breath at a time.”

YoYo Yoga School specializes in professional development training and corporate family wellness seminars and workshops; teaching pediatric professionals and parents creative and effective methods to adapt yoga, meditation and mindfulness for children of all ages and abilities. Our unique training, Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga, ensures that ALL children can experience the benefits of yoga.

Our mission is simple: Making yoga accessible and affordable to all children via quality training, valuable resources, and ongoing support for pediatric professionals and parents.


  • Professional Development Training
  • Adapting Yoga and Meditation for Children
  • Yoga and Meditation for Tweens and Teens
  • Yoga and Mindfulness in the Clinical Setting
  • Yoga and Mindfulness in the Classroom
  • Therapeutic Yoga for Children and Teens
  • Wellness for Children and Teens
  • Yoga for Special Needs Children

kids yoga exercise


YoYo’s best-selling books and teaching tools allow you to focus on what you love to do: Teach and support children.  Our blog is also a valuable resource for parents and pediatric professionals.

  • Yoga Books for Kids
  • Meditation Books for Kids
  • Guided Relaxation CDs for Kids
  • Downloadable MP3 Breathing and Relaxation Techniques for Kids
  • Yoga Flashcards for Kids