YoYo Yoga School offers yoga teacher training in Saint Louis for parents, pediatric professionals and yoga enthusiasts. Learn how to help children develop physically, cognitively, and emotionally through practices geared toward their developmental ability and skill-set. Kids benefit by learning how to relax, build a mind-body relationship, self-regulate emotions and responses, as well as developing flexibility, coordination, balance and muscle strength. Our unique training, Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga, ensures that ALL children can experience the benefits of yoga.

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Teach Kids Yoga Teach Kids Yoga


Our exclusive KAY (Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga) method teaches vital skills to safely and beneficially adapt stretching and relaxation techniques for kids of all abilities.

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Private and group instruction for kids of all ages (2-102) and abilities. FREE inclusive community yoga for kids classes in the Saint Louis area. We also offer parties!kids yoga teacher training

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YoYo’s best-selling books and teaching tools allow you to focus on what you love to do: Teach and support children. You can also find a wealth of information on our blog!

Our mission is simple: Providing Accessible and Affordable Yoga to all Children.


Becoming a kids’ yoga teacher is easy and rewarding. Whether you are a parent, teacher, yoga instructor, or pediatric professional, our workshops provide the training, knowledge, and confidence to safely and effectively teach kids therapeutic exercise, stretching, and relaxation that is accessible and inclusive to all.

Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga (KAY) is a specialized training program with a focus on adapting sessions for those with differing abilities, special needs, illness, and physical or developmental limitations. Our KAY yoga teacher workshops are offered in the Saint Louis area.

Our unique course explores:

  • Practices to Support Each Developmental Stage (2-21yrs)
  • Sequencing, Formatting and Pacing Classes – For Every Age
  • Planning Creative, Educational and Engaging Yoga Classes
  • Simple Adaptions for Common Postures and Any Situation
  • Yoga for EVERY Body – Adaptable Plans that Flow Flawlessly for Kids with Physical Limitations, or Teaching in Unusual Spaces
  • Classroom Yoga – Simple Techniques to Keep Students Fresh, Focused and Fabulous!
  • Games that Provide Essential Building Blocks and Life-Skills
  • Meditation, Breathing and Relaxation Designed just for Kids
  • Effective Self-Regulation and Wellness Tools and for Kids
  • Expressive Modalities – Music, Art, Journaling, Crafting
  • Yoga Philosophy for Kids
  • Chakras –Balancing Our “Inner Rainbow”
  • How to Creatively Teach Mudras to Kids
  • Communication and Ethics
  • Practices to Center and Be Fully Present When Working with Children

YoYo’s (YOgis and YOginis), our community of kids yoga instructors are just like you – dedicated, compassionate, and committed to helping kids thrive and develop into healthy adults. YoYo Yoga School’s ongoing support provides graduates with advice, tools, practicum opportunities and referrals.

Lisa Roberts, founder of YoYo Yoga School and creator of KAY, is a strong advocate for accessible yoga for kids of all abilities. Her books, flashcards, and blog are a wonderful resource for parents, pediatric professionals, and kids’ yoga teachers across the country. Designed to get kids moving and support kinesthetic learning, our adaptable and accessible teaching tools were created with all levels and abilities in mind, simplifying planning for teachers and providing multiple lesson plans in one simple tool.Please contact us directly for more information on our kids’ yoga teacher training, community and private yoga classes, and our wonderful teaching tools.