• Balloon Breath

    Balloon Breath is a simple and fun way to help kids learn to control their breath to feel great and in control of little bodies and big emotions.

    What is Balloon Breath? Balloon Breath is a breathing technique that slows the breath down while encouraging full and deep inhales and exhales to calm the mind and body.

    How does it help me?

    Balloon Breath is centering and calming. It is great to use as a quick exercise to center and calm oneself during activities or to refocus before or during class. Linking physical movement to the breath encourages mind-body connection, a form of meditation or present moment awareness resulting in relaxation and a deep sense of calm. The physical movement of raising the arms up overhead in this exercise allows more space in the torso to accommodate fuller and deeper breaths.

    How do I do it?

    1. Begin sitting comfortably, either on a chair or on the floor with the hands resting on the thighs, the shoulders, arms, and face should be relaxed.
    2. OR, begin standing, feet hip width distance apart, arms resting by the torso, shoulders and face relaxed.
    3. Begin to breathe in and out through the nose.
    4. Inhale, sweeping your arms up overhead and imagine you are filling up a giant balloon.
    5. Exhale, slowly lowering your arms to rest in your lap or by your side.
    6. Repeat for several rounds.

    Get CREATIVE: Imagine the color of your balloon as you inflate it. Does thinking of a certain color make you feel more relaxed?
    Get CREATIVE: Imagine releasing your balloon off into the sky as you exhale. Where does your balloon go?

    BW Ill 16 Balloon Breath INHALE B


    BW Ill 15 Balloon Breath EXHALE A




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