• Be My Yogi Valentine…. Kids’ Yoga Lesson for All the Feels

    Valentine’s Day – A Heart Themed Yoga Lesson Plan for Kids

    Oh my heart! Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to explore our hearts — check out this fun lesson plan that explores the qualities of the heart and provides plenty of ways to open our hearts even wider to let all of Cupid’s love flow in and out! Enjoy!

    • Age: Preschool to 12 • 30-45 mins PROPS: Ball of RED String; Colorful Crayons; Mandala Coloring Sheets

    Valentine’s Day Yoga

    Intro/Discussion: The symbol of Valentine’s Day is a heart. Let’s talk about YOUR heart:

    • Do you know how big your heart is? – The size of your fist! (Create fist) • Do you know where your heart is? – Indicate left of center of chest, and gently place fist there. • Do you know what your heart does? – The heart pumps blood throughout your entire body!

    The heart beats rhythmically, like a drum. It beats around 100,000 times a day! That’s a lot of drumming! Let’s recreate the sound of our hearts all beating together…

    Sit in circle, hands resting on heart and begin to pat the top hand over the bottom hand. Pit-pat, pit-pat, pit-pat, all together it should sound like a drum concert. Slow things down – Balloon Breath with HEART shaped balloon. (Arms overhead, dropping fingertips to crown to form heart shape.)

    Centering: Heart Mudra – Create a heart with your hands, hold it out for everybody to see and then draw it back to rest at to your heart center. Take a breath in and feel your heart fill with love, breathe out and extend your heart mudra forward and send love to your family, friends, pets, fellow yogis, then all around the world to all people, then all around the world to all animals.

    What are the QUALITIES of the heart? – Compassion, love, empathy, caring etc. How can we make our hearts bigger to fit all of these qualities in? Let’s do some yoga stretches to open our hearts and make them super-big so we can fit all of these wonderful qualities in our own hearts!

    Yoga: Select some postures from the heart-opening poses listed below and create your own sequence. Be sure to use language to encourage awareness of a spacious heart (e.g. “Open your beautiful, strong heart!”, “Shine your heart energy.”, “Feel your unique energy shining from your heart center.”

    Seated or Kneeling: • Cat/Cow • Camel Standing: • Chest Expansion • Grow a Tree of LOVE – Imagine your tree growing and sharing fruits and flower of pure love and kindness – share it with the world! • King of the Dancers • Warrior I w/Cactus Arms – Squeeze shoulders together and shine your heart energy forward! • Humble warrior – Open your heart on inhale, exhale and bow in gratitude – for your heart and anything else you are grateful for. Prone: • Cobra • Sphinx • Up Dog • Locust • Floor Bow Supine: • Bridge • Wheel • Wild Thing • Fish

    Savasana: Sit in circle or lie in Savasana and practice Heart Meditation (See previous post titled “Heart Meditation” in archives).

    Games and Activities:

    Web of LOVE: Small groups of 5-6 work best for this so everybody receives several compliments.

    Begin sitting in circle with a ball of wool or twine. The ‘starter’ takes the end piece of wool, wraps it around their hand (or popsicle stick) and then rolls the ball of wool to another participant along with a verbal compliment. For example: “Cindy, you are amazing at sport.”

    The participant receiving the compliment loops part of the string around hand (or popsicle stick) before rolling ball to another participant, along with a verbal compliment, “Bob, you have a great smile.”

    Continue until a giant web appears. If using popsicles, web be can transferred to a wall as a creative and artful reminder of how wonderful each child and the group as a whole is.

    LOVE It or Leave It: Teacher calls out random items and kids decide if they LOVE IT or want to LEAVE IT. Students stand on toes and reach arms wide ready to give a BIG hug if they LOVE IT! OR, curl down and hide out in Child’s Pose if they prefer to LEAVE IT!

    For example: Smelly Socks – Candy – Snow – Spiders – Ice-cream – Chocolate – Baseball – Frogs – Kittens – Birthdays – Cake – Fruit – Bats – Best Friend – Homework – Skunks – Hotdogs – Broccoli – Candy – Cartoons – Grapes – Mud/Dirt – Summer – Winter – Snow – Snakes – Alligators – Apples –Valentine’s Day!

    Close game by relaxing in Child’s Pose with a few rounds of Dragon Breath! (See previous post in archives)

    Color YOUR Own Meditation Mandala: Mandalas are a fun, creative activity for kids to practice meditation. Search around online for some coloring mandalas, or create your own Valentine or LOVE themed mandalas. A fabulous online source for coloring Mandalas for children is www.mandalacoloringmeditation.com


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