• Breathing Skills for Kids - Elevator Breath

    20 Aug, 2019
    Teach kids yoga! Elevator Ride uses creative visualization to teach deep breathing skills while promoting excellent posture. How does it help? Fo
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  • Belly Boat Float - Breathing Skills for Kids

    13 Aug, 2019
    Belly Boat Float is a fun way to teach breath awareness, breath control, and deep belly breathing to children. How does it help me? This techniqu
    posted by YoYoYogaSchool
  • Exploring the Breath - Fun for Kids

    6 Aug, 2019
    Bubbles are a fun way to explore the breath and demonstrate how we can use our breath to relax and feel good. As you play, you will learn what type of bre
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  • Fireworks for July 4th - Breathing Techniques for Kids!

    2 Jul, 2019
    Firework Breath is a fun, active breathing exercise that is great stress buster. It is also helpful when your kids need to shake off ex
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  • Connecting to the Breath with a Simple Mantra

    21 May, 2019
    Breathe In, Breathe Out, Chillax is a simple mantra-type breathing exercise you can practice anywhere and any time. This technique serves as a
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  • Self Regulation for Kids

    14 May, 2019
    Teaching kids how to recognize stress in their bodies and how to regulate their responses to stress. So simple, it’s child’s play 🙂