• Breathing Skills for Kids - Elevator Breath

    20 Aug, 2019
    Teach kids yoga! Elevator Ride uses creative visualization to teach deep breathing skills while promoting excellent posture. How does it help? Fo
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  • Exploring the Breath - Fun for Kids

    6 Aug, 2019
    Bubbles are a fun way to explore the breath and demonstrate how we can use our breath to relax and feel good. As you play, you will learn what type of bre
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  • Mandalas for Kids - Color me Pretty, Color me Wise!

    16 Jul, 2019
    Mandalas are an amazing craft to sprinkle in amongst your already amazing kiddos yoga lessons! Download free mandala coloring pages from the
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  • Teach Kids' Yoga and Meditation - Simple Tips from YoYo Yoga

    9 Jul, 2019
    Teaching kids’ meditation can be really easy and fun. By simply introducing fun and engaging focus based activities you can
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  • Active Meditation - Fun for Kids Who May be Challenged Sitting Still

    25 Jun, 2019
    Some children may be challenged when it comes to sitting still. But they can still learn how to meditate! Check out this
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  • Connecting to the Breath with a Simple Mantra

    21 May, 2019
    Breathe In, Breathe Out, Chillax is a simple mantra-type breathing exercise you can practice anywhere and any time. This technique serves as a
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  • Self Regulation for Kids

    14 May, 2019
    Teaching kids how to recognize stress in their bodies and how to regulate their responses to stress. So simple, it’s child’s play 🙂