Empowering Children with Tools to Navigate a Clinic Visit or Hospital Stay

Yoga-based Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation in the Pediatric Clinical Setting

Capturing imaginations through yoga-based play benefits the diagnostic and psychosocial needs of pediatric inpatients while serving as a distraction from the typical clinical setting. Greatly improving the patient experience, yoga-based Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness techniques can be an effective intervention for hospitalized children to manage stress, anxiety, pain, and improve overall wellness.

Elevating Patient Care with Techniques to Promote Healing, Wellness and Empowerment

Complementary to expressive (music, art, dance) and physical (OT, PT), therapies, the benefits of Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness sessions extend beyond supporting diagnoses, clinic visits or hospital stays. Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness techniques provide children with self-regulation and self-care skills that are invaluable, particularly to those living with chronic illness. Benefitting the patient, family, and staff, offering Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness bedside supports:

  • Gentle movement to improve and maintain strength and flexibility
  • Stress, anxiety relief
  • Pain management
  • Relief from symptoms and/or medication side effects (for example, nausea)
  • Quality rest and sleep
  • Coping skills/patient empowerment
  • Tools to self soothe and navigate the hospital experience, medical procedures and challenging therapies

Beyond the oodles of wellness benefits, playful and fun yoga-based Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness sessions are a wonderful distraction from the clinical environment and typical therapies experienced by pediatric patients.

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