• Doggy Tunnel! – Yoga Games

    Yoga games are FUN and beneficial! They foster teamwork, communication and coordination in addition to physical and sensory benefits. Try this fun Down-Dog Tunnel game with a group — it is a weight bearing game that builds upper body and core strength so be sure to break into smaller groups for younger kiddos who may not have the strength to hold the pose for long periods, and explain the importance of clear communication “Doggy Rest” to all kiddos before playing!

    Down-Dog Tunnel

    Line children up side-by-side and facing the same direction in Tabletop Pose. The first child at start of line comes out of the line stands and calls “DOGGY TUNNEL”. On hearing this command the remaining kiddos tuck their toes and press their hips high into the air in Down Dog Pose. The child who called the Doggy-Command at start of line, crawls on their belly through the “Doggy Tunnel” and assumes the down-dog position once they reach the end of line. The child who is now at the start of the Tunnel does the same… and so on. If a child holding Down Dog gets tired they must call out “Doggy Rest” and all children take a rest in child’s pose. Obviously, this cannot occur while a child is crawling through tunnel, timely communication is part of the lesson for this game.

    *Tip: This game can be altered to suit the theme of your yoga class. For example, it can be Dinosaur Cave for Dinosaur Yoga and you can explore all of the different dinosaurs found in the cave with yoga after playing the tunnel game.

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