• Halloween Lesson Plan for Kids

    It’s that spooky, cooky time of year – ghosts, ghouls and lots of sugar! You and your kids can get into the festive fun and enjoy some self care to boot with this fun Halloween themed lesson plan. As always, the plan is a suggestion, feel free to get creative and tweak it and leave plenty of room for your child’s input and creativity. Have fun!

    Playlist: Halloween Yoga Music (See next week’s post for inspiration)
    Time: 45-50 mins
    Props: Trick or Treat Bag w/plastic Halloween toys (I got mine at Target, they are small plastic Halloween themed finger puppets); Popsicle Sticks; Twine or Wool (blood red, orange or silver, of course!)

    CENTER: Pumpkin POOP! INHALE making chest and belly nice and round like a pumpkin. EXHALE and imagine pulling out the seeds from deep inside. Repeat 3-10 times.

    SONG: Extend arms in loose cactus overhead, like a ghost and move like a ghost while singing:
    “If you’re a ghost and you know it, say Boo!
    If you’re a ghost and you know it, say Boo!
    If you’re a ghost and you know it, and you really want to show it
    If you’re a ghost and you know it, say Boo!”

    BREATHE: Extended exhale making a “Booooooooooooooo” sound – repeat x 3.

    Be a…
    Night Owl: Sit on knees, hands on shoulders, flap wings and twist in each direction “Hoo, Hoo, Hoo”.
    Black Cat: Cat/Cow… hissssss….. meow!
    Haunted House Door: Gate Pose – Creaking sound effects encouraged!
    Black Cat: Cat/Cow… hissssss….. meow!
    Go Bobbing for Apples: Downdog to Updog – repeat x 3
    Be a…
    Black Cat: Cat/Cow… hissssss….. meow!
    Spooky Spider: Reverse Table Walk
    Witch’s Hat: Triangle
    Witch’s Broomstick: Mountain to Crescent (Fly!)
    FLY!: Warrior III
    Be a…
    Crescent Moon: Crescent Moon Pose
    Spooky Haunted Tree: Tree with gnarly branches
    Cross River to Hunt Ghosts: Canoe-Boat SING: “Row, row, row your boat… if you see a ghost,
    don’t forget to scream – aaahhhh!”
    Build a Bridge for the River Troll: Bridge
    Be a…
    Rolling Jack O’Lantern: Floor Bow (roll from side to side and back and forth)  or Supine Rock’n’Rolls

    • Yogi says, Last Yogi Standing, or Freeze Dance – use any to review above poses.
    • Trick or Treat Game: Random Draw of Halloween plastic toys – see pose guide.

    Savasana: Stretch skeleton out on the floor and imagine every bone and notice where it touches the floor. Imagine the impression your skeleton is leaving on the floor.

    Closing Game: Spooky Spider Web of LOVE! (See last week’s post!)

    Halloween Plastic Toy Pose Guide

    Teach Kids of all Ages Yoga!

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