• Kids Self Regulation Games

    Yoga teachers proudly tout non-competitiveness as an appealing benefit. Playing games such as Air Soccer, or any of the YoYo Yoga Air Sport Games you will find on this blog, I encourage kids to get a little competitive with themselves and TRY to improve their score each time they play…. Why? Bettering their score using proper breathing techniques kids learn to regulate and control the breath. The more success they find playing these games the more likely they are to recognize how breath control may be helpful  “off the yoga mat” in daily life.

    So, just how do I beat my score? Let’s play!

    Step One: Play a Game of Air Soccer (Or Air Basketball, Air Tennis, Air Golf, Air Baseball etc.)

    Step Two: Learn a Cool YoYo Yoga Breathing Technique

    Step Three: Play Another Round of Air Soccer Keeping What You Learned About Your Breath in Mind 

    Step Four: Celebrate 🙂

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