ADVANCED TRAINING – Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga (KAY)

Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga (KAY) is a specialized training program and teaching method for parents, yoga teachers, and pediatric professionals. Our unique 8-day course is taught over three weekends (2 x 3-day and 1 x 2-day) with a focus on adapting sessions for those with differing abilities, special needs, illness or physical limitations — teachers graduating from the KAY program will have the ability and confidence to lead yoga sessions that are inclusive and accessible to ALL children.

Workshop Outline

Yogic Wellness for Kids

  • Identify Yoga Practices that Benefit Each Developmental Stage – and Practices that are Cautioned
  • Yoga Philosophy for Kids –Sharing Yogic Philosophy in a Fun and Non-Denominational Manner
  • Chakras and Chakra Yoga – Exploring Our “Inner Rainbow” and Using Yoga to Balance the Chakras
  • Journaling, Crafting and Expressive Modalities –Explore the Magical Combination of Music, Crafts, Art, Journaling, and Yoga
  • Mudras – Learn about Mudras and How to Creatively Teach Mudras to Kids
  • Breathing and Meditation –Breathing and Meditation as Effective Self-Regulation and Wellness Tools and for Kids
  • Communication –Strengthen Listening Skills, Learn to Ask Appropriate Questions and Develop Essential Skills to Create Yoga Plans that Benefit the Wellbeing of Your Students
  • Ethics –Understanding and Defining Your Role and Boundaries Teaching Pediatric Yoga

Pediatric Adaptive and Accessible Yoga

  • Thinking Outside of the Box –Simple Adaptions for Common Postures and Any Situation
  • Yoga for EVERY Body – Adaptable Plans that Flow Flawlessly for Kids with Physical Limitations, or when Teaching in Unusual Yoga Spaces
  • Applying Yoga, Yogic Principals and Practices to Support Wellness in ALL Children
  • Developmentally and Physically Supportive Yoga – Identify Age-Appropriate Yoga Practices to Balance and Support Well-Being for ALL Children
  • Restorative Yoga for Kids – Learn to Teach, Safely Prop, and Understand the Benefits of Restorative Yoga Postures
  • Yoga Nidra for Kids – Learn to Creatively Teach Yoga Nidra to Appeal to and Benefit All Ages
  • Beyond Schools/Yoga in a Clinical Setting – Patient Privacy, Infection Control, Safety, Ethics, Setting Boundaries
  • Recognizing When to Refer to or Team Up With Another Professional
  • Communicating with Kids, Families, and Medical Professionals

Workshop includes tuition, training manual, ongoing support via YoYo Yoga School’s Yoga community, and Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga (KAY) certificate of completion.

Workshop Requirements

To participate in the Advanced Training one must complete Introduction to Kids’ Yoga, or have precious yoga experience with an understanding of basic child development (i.e pediatric professionals such as teachers, nurses, therapists may apply).

Those seeking Yoga Alliance, 95hr RCYT qualification must be, at a minimum, an RYT200 registered with Yoga Alliance. Upon completion of YoYo Yoga School’s INTRODUCTION TO KIDS YOGA and ADVANCED TRAINING, and all practicum/assignments you will receive your 95hr- Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher certificate and RYT’s will be eligible to apply to YA for RCYT status. Learn more about Yoga Alliance RCYT requirements @