• In Honor of March Madness – Some Basketball Themed Yoga Fun

    Basketball Themed Yoga Lesson Plan for Kids

    If your basketball fans are bumming over the cancellation of March Madness this basketball themed lesson plan will be a yogic slam-dunk! Inspire your kiddos to get on the mat and they’ll be in good company – Le Bron James, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Baron Davis, and Dwayne Wade have all been known to get their yoga on. Now it’s your turn…

    Playlist: Basketball Yoga (See playlist at end of lesson plan) • 20-30 minsProps: Pom-poms, straws, dixie cups, tape.

    Basketball Yoga

    INTRO: A lot of famous athletes practice yoga – it helps them stretch, relax and unwind. Yoga helps them become even better athletes by helping their bodies become more flexible and their minds more focused. Some famous NBA basketball players who practice yoga are: LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Steve Nash, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, and Andre Iguodala.

    GAME: Let’s play some Air Basketball! Set up three Dixie cups, turned on their sides and taped to a flat surface. (Using a sharpie write the numbers 1 – 2 and 3 inside the cups before taping them in place.) Number 3 is placed furthest and is a 3-pointer (3 points), the middle is a basket (2 points) and the closest is a free throw (1 point!).

    Shoot baskets! Using a pom-pom as the ball and move it by blowing air through a straw. See how many points you can get in a certain amount of time. Keep playing and try to improve your score each time!

    YOGA: Seated: Shoot! Wrist Point and Flex Shoot! Feet Point and Flex

    Standing: Bounce Ball –Twist and lift opposite knee to elbow – slow and mindful. Two Hand Dribble – Standing: Arms in “T” gentle arms circles – DRIBBLE, DRIBBLE, DRIBBLE. Switch Directions! Slam Dunk – Mountain arms high inhale; Exhale chair; Inhale and straighten legs and reach arms high, Exhale relax – imagine swinging from the hoop! Repeat x 3 Bounce Pass – Wide leg squat on exhale; straighten legs and toe tap alternate sides on inhale. 3x each side. Travel Pass – Begin in prasarita stance – pivot one foot at time (don’t travel!) to Warrior I legs – reach arms forward to catch imaginary ball. Pivot one foot at time to center, hold ball close to chest. Pivot one foot at time in other direction Warrior I legs – reach arms forward and pass. Repeat x 3 Pass – Modified Sun Breath: pull imaginary ball in to chest on inhale, throw out on exhale, and say PASS loud! Repeat x 3

    Supine: Basket – Reclined pigeon reach hands through “loop” of legs toward feet for a little core work – reach on exhale five times. Relax upper body and pull legs (still in reclined pigeon or figure-four formation), toward torso for a supine slam-dunk. Unwind legs and switch sides, repeating core work and then slam-dunk. Rolling Basketball – Hug knees in to chest and roll like a ball, along the length of spine and side to side. Slowing to a stop.

    • CHILLAX: Squeeze and Release Relaxation Technique… then take BIG rest after playing so hard!

    Basketball Yoga Playlist: Below is the playlist I use. You could add the team music of a favorite or local basketball team, if it is appropriate.

    Sleeping Tiger – Namaste – True Tai Chi Basketball – Superstar Kidz Sweet Georgia Brown – The Globetrotters Theme Song Sweet Georgia Brown – The Globetrotters Theme Song Sweet Georgia Brown – The Globetrotters Theme Song Sweet Georgia Brown – The Globetrotters Theme Song Green Dragon Plays in the Clouds – Namaste – True Tai Chi

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