Written and recorded by Lisa Roberts the following tracks may be purchased as individual downloads or in CD format from our online store. Roberts’ knack for creatively tapping into imaginations young and old, couples with her smooth, hypnotic voice to guide listeners to breathe well, relax deeply, and feel great.

Discover your inner Superhero, feel your Firefly Belly Glow, Play in the Snow, Melt in the Sun, Relax on a Beautiful Beach, explore your colorful inner Rainbow, and much, much more.

All Sound Design and Music Backgrounds Produced and Mixed by Les Lingle Productions. 


Features 10 Guided Breathing Techniques

Elevator Ride 7:41
Spider Web Breath 6:17
Anchor Breathing 3:53
Flowing River 3:53
Sipping Thru My Nose Straws 2:59
Firefly Belly 4:51
Breathe, In Breathe Out, Relax 4:23
Mantra 10:28
3-Part Breath 8:44
Focused Breathing 8:15
Whole Album Approx. 62 minutes


Features 6 Guided Relaxation Techniques

Shine Your Light 4:57
Rainbow, Rainbow 12:47
Ink Bath 5:07
Magic Carpet Ride 9:16
A Day at the Beach 16:54
61-Point Meditation 22:15
Whole Album Approx. 71 minutes


Features 9 Guided Relaxation Techniques

Ice-Cream Milkshake 9:45
Brachiosaurus Relax 6:26
No Bones 3:46
Popsicle Melt 4:59
Superhero 7:16
Playing in the Snow (Seated) 6:43
Playing in the Snow (Supine) 7:14
Color Breathing 9:48
iPad Reboot and Recharge 9:51
Whole Album Approx. 66 mins