Welcome to Our YoYo Community

Upon completing our Introduction to Kids Yoga training, you will be invited to join our YoYo community – a strong and inspiring network of YOgis and YOginis committed to supporting one another in a joint effort to bring affordable and accessible yoga to all children, in all communities.

Our community of YoYo’s (YOgis and YOginis) are just like you: Dedicated, compassionate parents and/or pediatric professionals who advocate kids’ yoga! So much more than physical stretching (which certainly has its benefits) yoga teaches valuable life skills, laying a strong foundation for children to develop into healthy adults.

Life circumstances greatly impact our children – divorce, death, illness, hospitalization, moving house or school, bullying, exam/test performance anxiety — with the teaching skills learned and ongoing support provided from YoYo Teacher Training, YOU can make a positive impact on a child’s life, providing them with the tools and skillset to navigate life’s challenges and adversities in a positive and empowering way.

YoYo Training is a highly unique program, preparing you to safely and beneficially teach kids of all abilities in a variety of settings – from private family yoga, to critical care in a clinical environment – beyond our training, the ongoing support you receive is what sets our program apart, allowing you to confidently move forward on your path to empower the lives of a very precious resource: Our future, Our youth.

Ongoing Support/Mentorship

  • Direct access to lead trainer and YoYo LLC/KAY creator and founder Lisa Roberts: Lisa regularly participates in the forum, sharing suggestions and teaching tips and answering questions. Beyond working one-on-one with each trainee for their practicum assignments, Lisa regularly checks in offering her help and assistance where needed. Trainees have direct access to Lisa and are encouraged to call on her for help and guidance whenever needed.
  • Teaching Tools: Well-designed teaching tools are available for purchase. Graduates receive bulk order and package discount offers several times a year, in addition to being the first to know when new teaching tools become available. YoYo’s teaching tools are created with all levels and abilities in mind, simplifying planning for teachers and providing multiple lesson plans in one simple tool.
  • Blog: Updated weekly and personally written by Lisa Roberts, our blog features class plans, playlists, techniques, and more that have been tested in Lisa’s private, group and clinical classes. Access to our blog arms you with ongoing information and tools that can be put to use immediately providing continuing education and saving time on lesson-planning and class development so you can spend your time doing what you love, helping kids!
  • Webinars and Teaching Videos: YoYo graduates will have access to Lisa’s teaching videos and webinars at a deeply discounted rate. A series of teaching videos are planned for release in 2017 and will be available to the public on a subscription basis.
  • Forums: Our community of YoYo’s connect via a private Facebook forum, this page is accessible via invitation only and strictly for YoYo graduates. Connecting with past grads, we inspire, nurture and support one another sharing lesson plans, ideas, advice and success stories.
  • Guest Speaking: Graduates are invited to present at YoYo Teacher Trainings, sharing their unique experiences from the training while inspiring future YoYo’s with a fresh perspective of how they went from ‘Workshop to Workplace’ successfully applying the training to their particular field of pediatrics.
  • Referrals and Teaching Opportunities: Qualified YoYo Teachers will be alerted of volunteer opportunities within the community as well as requests for private or group classes.
  • YoYo Yoga Branding: Select graduates, upon completion of the entire training and registration as RCYT’s, may be offered the opportunity to grow their business using the YoYo Yoga School brand – this includes use of our logo, our six unique yoga characters, our branding identity, the opportunity to co-teach YoYo Yoga Trainings, as well as building your own business with the support of a trusted and successful brand behind you.

I personally invite you to join our thriving YoYo community. TOGETHER we can Make a Difference: One Child, One Breath at a Time.

Lisa Roberts E-RYT200, RCYT
Founder YoYo Yoga LLC, Creator KAY (Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga)