Professional Development Training

Our Professional Development Trainings (PDT’s) are designed for pediatric professional groups. Our hands-on workshops teach professionals how to incorporate yoga and yogic practices to complement the therapies or services they currently offer clients and children they serve. Our three most popular full and half day trainings are outlined below, however, YoYo Yoga School can customize a PDT according to the needs of your organization or group. Please email for more information.

Breathing, Meditation, and Relaxation for Kids and Teens

An informative, hands-on workshop for pediatric professionals – exploring how to safely and effectively adapt breathing, meditation, and mindfulness techniques to appeal to kids and teens. Engaging and fun, the techniques shared in this workshop allow kids to explore their breath and breath control techniques, empowering them with the ability to self-regulate responses, reactions and emotions. Active and passive meditation techniques are taught to encourage the development of mindfulness for children and teens, including accessible mini-break centering techniques to progressive relaxation, creatively presented to appeal to all ages.
Workshop Length: 3 Contact Hours

The Basics of Kids Yoga

A vibrant, fun and engaging workshop for pediatric professionals — exploring how yoga and yoga based activities can be adapted to benefit and appeal to kids of all ages. This workshop will teach you to identify specific yoga-based practices appropriate for each stage of child development and how to confidently create engaging age-appropriate lesson plans for kids aged 2-21.
Workshop Length: 8 Contact Hours

KAY for Professionals (Kid’s Adaptive and Accessible Yoga)

Learn the basics of Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga from a leading specialist in this rapidly emerging field. Explore the application of yoga in the clinical setting and understand how yoga may benefit different pediatric populations. Identify specific yoga practices to support the needs of common childhood conditions and how to safely adapt for differing abilities. Learn the benefits of restorative postures, how to safely use props to support the body in restorative yoga poses and how to present restorative yoga in a fun and engaging way for kids.
Workshop Length: 8 Contact Hours