Learn Reiki

Reiki is very simple to learn. Teaching Reiki since 2002, Lisa Roberts teaches each of the three levels of Reiki in one-day workshops for up to six people or two-day workshops for larger groups. All materials, workbooks and attunements for each level are included, as well as ongoing support via phone and or email.

Level One Reiki

The first level of Reiki covers a lot of ground. You will learn:

  • The origins of Reiki and the history of its transition to western cultures
  • Explore the benefits and possible applications of Reiki
  • How to practice Reiki for self-healing – hand placement etc.
  • How to treat others with Reiki
  • How to create an appropriate setting for Reiki sessions
  • How to prepare yourself to give Reiki – including self-protection from other people’s energy fields
  • Basic hand positions for treating others
  • Advanced methods for treating others – body scan, internal language, auditory, kinesthetic, visual and olfactory
  • How to close a session
  • Client/patient exchange
  • Practical tips for understanding and helping client responses to or questions about Reiki
  • Practical tips for learning how to work with Reiki energy
  • Chakra meanings
  • Chakra balancing
  • Chakra healing
  • Checklist for Reiki healing

Most importantly, you will receive the first four attunements. Level one attunements align and connect the recipient with Reiki energy for life. Extremely self-healing, the level one attunement heals on a physical level and provides the recipient with the ability to begin working with Reiki as a self-healing method. You will be able to work on others, and are encouraged to do so to gain experience working with Reiki energy, however, you do not learn the ancient symbols for Reiki until you complete level-two training, this is the level that will truly make you an effective practitioner of Reiki.

Level Two Reiki

Level Two Reiki is the second step to becoming a practitioner of Reiki. While Level One teaches the basic principals of Reiki and heals the recipient of the attunement physically, the Level Two attunement and training completes this by healing the recipient on a psychological level. Three of the five ancient Reiki symbols are taught, bridging the gap between Level One and Level Two, creating a complete and effective healer.

On completion of Level Two you will be qualified to work with clients as a Reiki Practitioner and will have learned the following:

  • Three ancient Reiki symbols – their meaning, powers and application for healing
  • Additional applications for ancient symbols – such as changing behavioral patterns
  • Distant healing
  • Development of intuitive abilities
  • Home and office energy cleansing

Level Three Reiki

The attunement for Level Three or Master Level heals the recipient on a spiritual level and enables the recipient the ability to teach and attune others to Reiki. This final level of study for Reiki teaches the two remaining ancient healing symbols. You will learn:

  • Two remaining ancient Reiki symbols – their meaning, powers and application for healing
  • The method for teaching each level of Reiki
  • Attunements process for each level of Reiki
  • How to protect oneself during attunement process