• Rock Your Vote Yoga — Inspire Young Children to Use their VOICE!

    In honor the midterm elections, here’s a fun Presidential Yoga lesson plan I created several years ago for a young client of mine who absolutely LOVED USA Presidential history. Based around fun facts about past US Presidents, my kiddo absolutely loved this class (he could also tell me which number President each was, pretty impressive for a 7 year old!).

    But before you play yoga with your child, please lead by example and VOTE! No matter what political party or policies you support, your children are watching and listening — be an inspirational parent, teacher, neighbor, friend, citizen and talk to your kids about the importance of voting. Cheers to democracy.

    Presidential Yoga

    Intro/Centering: President (enter Child’s Name) Meditation – Imagine you are President. What is your character? What are your strengths? What would you like to change about the world to make it a better place? Imagine YOU can make this change!


    33rd President Harry Truman – was a haberdasher (dealing in men’s clothing and particularly hats).
    • Modified Balloon Breath
    • Elbow Tap
    • I AM Swing
    • Coat Sleeves

    17th President Andrew Johnson – was a Tailor!
    • Mountain: Needle
    • Sun Salutation A: Mountain (Needle) Backbend (Reach for thread) Forward Fold-Plank (Thread Needle) Chaturanga-UpDog-Downdog (Sew)
    Jump to Forward Fold (Tie Off thread)-Mountain (Needle).

    16th President Abraham Lincoln – chopped rails for fences. And, at 6’ 4”, he was the tallest President.
    • Mountain with Arm Reach: S-T-R-E-T-C-H tall like A.L!
    • Chopping Wood: Chop Rails for Fences

    3rd President Thomas Jefferson was the first president to shake hands with guests. Previously people bowed to Presidents.
    • Table Spinal Balance: Reach R and L arms to shoulder height alternately to shake hands.

    32nd President Frankin D. Roosevelt – was the first President to ride in an airplane.
    • Warrior III: Airplane
    • Wide Arm/Leg Swing: Propeller

    14th President Franklin Pierce
    • Child’s Pose: Seed. Imagine how may trees have been in the WH. Imagine being a tiny seed, growing into and beautiful tree and becoming a WH Xmas Tree. What do you look like? How does it feel to proudly stand in the WH with all of your sparkly and shiny decorations?
    • Tree Pose: Xmas Tree
    • Star Pose: Decorate Tree
    18th President Ulysses S. Grant – was given a $20 speeding ticket for riding his horse and buggy too fast down a Washington, D.C. street.
    • Horse Pose w/Eagle Arms: Horse
    • Down Dog or Dolphin Donkey Kicks: Kicking Horse
    • Humble Warrior: Apologize for Speeding and Breaking the Law!
    • Bow with Side Rolls: Buggy
    • Rocking Horse: Speeding Horse

    35th President John F. Kennedy – was the first president to hold a press conference on television.
    • Boat Pose: TV Antenna
    • Reverse Table: TV

    7th President Andrew Jackson – was the first president to ride a railroad train.
    • Seated Cat/Cow: Locomotive
    • Full Body Stretch: Railroad Tracks

    31st President Herbert Hoover approved “The Star­Spangled Banner” as the national anthem.
    • Sand Angels: Stars ‘n’ Stripes
    • Flying Flag Breath: Star Spangled Banner
    • Mantra: I am FREE, I am BRAVE

    PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION GAME (Modified Butterfly Cocoon Game):
    • Wrap in yoga mat (presidential robes or clothing).
    • Apply Pressure (add skills and characteristics of the President you are planning to become)
    • Unroll and sit up in easy pose – tell us the name of your President and the most important or proudest thing you did as President.

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