• Summer Olympic Yoga Lesson Plan for Kids

    Ahhh – the Olympics… who doesn’t love ’em?! This lesson plan allows for our future Olympians to explore many of events and learn a little about the host city, Rio right from the comfort of their yoga mats. Post Olympics, teachers can keep and tweak this lesson plan to theme around summer sports/summer fun….. or hold on to it for four years and spruce it up to reflect 2020’s host city, Tokyo!

    • Playlist: Summer Olympic Yoga – (See Yesterday’s Blogpost)
    • Up to age 10
    • 45-50 mins
    • Props: Straws and pom-poms

    Intro/Centering: Where are Olympics being held? How to get there? People Powered Plane – sit in hero, INHALE flap arms up and stand on knees. EXHALE lower to sit on heels flap arms down. OR Balloon Breaths.

    Create Host City (RIO):
    Rio boasts approx. 50 miles of beaches, the famous Corcovado and Sugarloaf mountains as well as one of the largest urban forests in the world, Tijuca National Park.

    • 50 miles of Beach: Stretch legs forward (50miles of sand) Seated Staff Pose
    • Gentle Rolling Waves: Seated Forward Fold Flow
    • Sugarloaf (1,299’): Seated Mountain
    • Corcovado (2,329’): Begin in Seated and Move to Standing Mountain
    • Tijuca National Park: Group Supported Tree
    • Leaves on Trees in Tijuca Forest: Crescent Pose

    Opening Ceremonies:
    • Light Olympic Torch: Sunshine Breath
    • Carry/Pass Olympic Torch: Lateral Side Stretch Flow
    • Fly Flags to Represent all of the Participating Countries (207!): Flying Flag Breath

    Visit Olympic Village:
    • DIVING – Tadasana to Standing Forward Fold
    • ARCHERY – Warrior II
    • SAILING – Triangle
    • DIVING – Warrior III
    • BASKETBALL – Chair Pose Flow – Reach Arms to Shoot Ball in Basket
    • GYMNASTICS – Dancer
    • BASEBALL – Chair Twist – Swing Bat
    • EQUESTRIAN – Down dog-Dolphin-Donkey Kicks
    • SWIMMING – Locust – Bilateral Arm and Leg Lifts
    • SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING – Rest Head, Low Back Release (Swish Legs Side-Side)
    • ROWING – Boat to half-boat.
    • CYCLING – Adho Shoulder Stand Cycle
    • GYMNASTICS (Tumbling) – Rock’n’Roll
    • GYMNASTICS (Backflip) – Plow
    • WRESTING – Happy Baby

    SOCCER/TENNIS: Straws and pom/poms (Air Soccer/Air Tennis Games)
    WATER POLO: Ball Pass in circle with feet! (CORE!)

    CONNECT: Rainbow Breath – imagine the colorful flags and national costumes celebrate the Olympics!

    SAVASANA: – Close eyes, relax on Rio’s beautiful beaches and rest up after playing all of those sports!

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