"I have been incorporating A LOT of mindfulness and breath awareness to my elementary classes and it has been going fantastically!!! I can't wait to learn a TON more in Module B."
Summer Beasley, Dancer, Dance and Movement Teacher, Yoga Teacher

"Such an awesome workshop! I can't wait to take Modules B and C. The training was so well-balanced and filled me with energy and enthusiasm. I am so excited to be a part of YoYo Yoga."
Anna Borys, Occupational Therapist, Yoga Teacher

"I have to say, I am completely blown away with Lisa Roberts’ knowledge and skill to connect children, yoga, breath, mindfulness, love and play. She is a gift to the St. Louis community. Sharing this gift with us will support bringing yoga to children early in life. A tool that I most certainly could have benefited from at an early age; I am very excited to share what I have learned."
Jill Voyles, Yoga and Pilates Instructor, Apprentice Farmer

P1040457_1a1b9df4-6063-49a9-9d42-d8f811639fdd"This training experience was incredible – I learned so much and walked away with multiple ideas I can use in my job as a behavioral health therapist to children and adolescents. In the two weeks since the training, I’ve used at least one idea from the workshop every day! I would strongly recommend this wonderful opportunity to anyone who works with kids or has even a small interest in yoga."
Nicole Shields, Behavioral Therapist

"Lisa Roberts is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to therapeutic yoga for children. She offers gentle guidance through organized structure and makes participation fun. Lisa encourages her students to embrace their inner child and discover the fun of life in a playful and energetic atmosphere."
Erin Crim, Yoga Teacher

"I have been working with the material a lot in order to prepare for a new course I'm teaching at my school. I feel like I have tons of strategies I can use from day one."
Michelle Dempsey, Physical Education Teacher

"I incorporated several technique’s learned in my parenting class and they were WELL received by parents."
Suzanne Tucker, Positive Parenting Coach, Physical Therapist


  • 1.I own a studio and would like to offer your kids training to my yoga community, how can I arrange this?

    Great! We love partnering with studios to offer trainings within different yoga communities. Please contact Lisa Roberts @ Lisa@yoyoyogaschool.com

  • 2.I live out of state (or overseas), can I still apply to take this training?

    Of course, please note that travel and accommodation arrangements will be your responsibility. Additionally, practicum assignments – teaching and observing kids yoga classes and reviewing with our lead trainer will need to be arranged via video chat such as Skype.

    We currently offer trainings in Saint Louis, MO and Nashville, TN — if you own a studio, or would like to see a YoYo training in your city, state or country, please contact us. We would love to co-host a training with you!

  • 3.Do I have to complete both trainings?

    Not at all. It really depends on what your needs and goals are. Our Introduction to Kids Yoga training covers the fundamentals of kids yoga — this alone may meet your needs. If you would like to delve deeper into our unique KAY – Kid’s Adaptive and Accessible Yoga program, teaching methodology for accessible and inclusive pediatric yoga, and yoga philosophy for kids, then our Advanced Training is definitely for you!

    Please note that Introduction to Kids Yoga is mandatory and must be completed prior to our Advanced Training. Both trainings and practicum must be completed within three years if you are seeking Yoga Alliance 95-hr RCYT certification.

  • 4.Will I automatically become a Yoga Alliance RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher) following completion of this course?

    No. Upon completion of both trainings, assignments, exams, and practicum, you will receive your YoYo Yoga for Kids 95-hr RCYT Certificate. You may then apply for RCYT credentials with Yoga Alliance: This requires teaching a certain number of hours of kids yoga, ascertaining your current RYT credentials are up to date with Yoga Alliance, and submitting your YoYo Yoga for Kids 95-hr certificate, as well as paying any dues or fees in support of your application. For more information visit www.yogaalliance.org

  • 5.I am interested in Professional Development Training for staff at my school (hospital, clinic) is it the same as the 95-hr teacher training program?

    No, our in-depth course is quite different from the Professional Develeopment Trainings we offer. Extremely informative, our PDT’s are designed to help pediatric professionals learn simple and effective yogic practices that they can put to immediate use with the children they serve. Our PDT’s do not offer any certifications. A certifcate of completion including contact hours can be provided upon request. Please check with your accreditation board or school to see if our trainings are eligible for CEU’s or PDP’s.  For more information on Professional Development Trainings please contact Lisa Roberts directly @ Lisa@yoyoyogaschool.com