A practice for the mind, body and soul, yoga is unique from any other form of exercise.  Utilizing postures (asana), meditation, and deep-breathing techniques, yoga positively impacts the physical and psychological wellbeing of those who practice while impacting and balancing the subtle body or energy systems. Extremely adaptable, it can be enjoyed by every body, regardless of age, flexibility, or mobility.

Benefits of a regular yoga practice include:
  • Increased levels of physical fitness, strength and flexibility.
  • Improved posture, balance, coordination and ability to focus.
  • Increased body awareness, self-esteem and confidence.
  • Reduction in feelings of anxiety, depression and/or stress.

Young, old, fit, or couch potato – no matter your age or fitness level, Lisa Roberts’ individually tailored private or semi-private classes will help you achieve your wellness goals in a safe and nurturing environment.