YOung and YOuthful – YoYo Yoga for ALL

Could yoga be the link to the utopian, “Fountain of Youth”? 

YOung or old – the benefits of yoga are the same, no matter your age, a regular practice will have you feeling stronger, taller, more flexible, less stressed, happier, healthier and, well, YOung and YOuthful.

As we age, flexibility, balance, and strength are key to enjoying optimal physical health and quality of life. We are human and life is not perfect, joints get a little creaky and body parts do not always, ahem, cooperate as they once did… and that’s okay. With a gentle and compassionate approach–and a little sense of humor for good measure– Lisa will personally tailor a yoga practice to incrementally strengthen and condition your body while fostering balance and flexibility not only for your body, but mind and spirit. As the ancient yogi’s said, “You are as YOUNG as Your spine is flexible”. You may not ever be twenty-five again… but, you could feel like you are!

Geared toward seniors or younger adults recovering from injury or surgery, YoYo Yoga’s YOung and YOuthful classes are slower paced, gentle, and/or restorative, and tailored to each client’s needs. Sessions may include gentle movement, restorative yoga postures, guided meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques, and can be adapted for practice in a bed or chair as needed, with extreme care and awareness of contraindications for medical conditions, injuries, surgeries, and medications.