Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga (KAY)

Even when faced with a health challenge, kids are still kids, and their yoga practice must:

  • Be fun and engaging
  • Benefit the physical and psychological needs of the child
  • Balance the child’s energy systems or subtle body
  • Promote wellness
  • Reduce feelings of stress or anxiety

Lisa Roberts, founder of YoYo Yoga School is a pediatric yoga specialist with over 10 years experience teaching wellness to kids in a hospital and clinical setting. Recognizing the needs of the whole child and skilled at safely adapting sessions for those with mobility restrictions, Lisa compassionately guides kiddos to stock their toolboxes with valuable techniques that they can access throughout life… on and off the mat.

Her experiences working with critically ill and differently-abled children led to the creation of KAY –  Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga – a highly adaptive teaching method that retains all of the fun of kids yoga while remaining inclusive and accessible to ALL children.

KAY sessions are adapted for those with differing abilities, special needs, illness, physical or developmental delays. KAY sessions are extremely creative, Lisa teaches with her unique ability to theme yoga classes that capture young imaginations and captivate the spirit – supporting wellness, recovery, and pain control, and empowering kiddos with coping skills needed to face adversity.