Meet Our Yoga Characters

  • Ben D. Yogi


    Hi, my name is Ben D. Yogi and I am proud to say I am a yogi (a person who practices yoga, male or female) because it makes me super flexible and bendy! My favorite postures are Downward Facing Dog and Butterfly, although I like to call that one Bat Pose. And that’s why I love yoga, not only does it help my body stay flexible, but I get to stretch my mind too – I can be anything when I play yoga and am only limited by my imagination, which is ginormous!

  • pic2Ivy League

    Hello, my name is Ivy League and I love to study. Studying yoga allows me to explore different ways to move my body and through my practice, I have learned that I love to be upside down! It gives me a different point of view and reminds me to look and think about things from all perspectives, even when I am not playing yoga, or hanging out in shoulder stand. Balancing is really fun too – some days it is easy and others it is hard, but that’s okay because each day and each time I practice, I am different too.

  • pic3Max E. Mim

    My name is Max E. Mim, I have been playing yoga since I was about six years old and I love it to the maximum! My favorite yoga poses are Tree and Floor Bow. Why? Trees are cool, and grow all over the world, when I grow a tree in yoga I can transport myself anywhere in the world to begin my yoga adventure – from Central Park to the Amazon Jungle to Sherwood Forest! I love that I can move around in tree and if I fall, it is okay to just start over again, I mean trees drop their leaves and have branches trimmed all of the time and they simply grow back; trees also bend and flex in the wind and we humans can do the same too, so long as we stay flexible!

    Bow posture is fierce! I especially like rolling over from side-to-side in Bow pose. You do not have to be frozen and stiff like a statue in yoga, in fact, moving is encouraged. Here are my Max E. Mim yoga postures:

  • pic4Wanda Full

    My name is Wanda Full, wonderful to meet you! Yoga has been a long time passion of mine, I prefer it over most other sports and all of my friends love it too – we play yoga together every day at school! Recently my Mom and Dad gave my friends and me a yoga party, it was so cool. My favorite yoga poses are Rotated Head to Knee and Wheel, check me out modeling these postures.

  • pic5Sven I. Practice

    My name is Sven I. Practice and when I practice yoga I feel awesome and chilled out. Sometimes I spend a lot of time playing games and studying on my computer and yoga gives me a little break to recharge and reboot my body and mind. I love all of the poses and especially enjoy stretching my hands and neck because they sometimes feel like they get stuck after I have been using my computer. My ultimate, favorite yoga postures are the really relaxing ones, Easy Pose and Child’s Pose here’s me practicing them:

  • pic6Aya Yogini

    Hello! My name is Aya Yogini and I am a yogini (a female who practices yoga). What I love most about yoga is that I am so much more than a yogini when I practice, I am a goddess and a warrior, strong and poised, I can seize the moment and be anything I dream of.

    My favorite yoga postures are Cobra and Warrior II because I get to hiss like a snake when I play cobra pose and it is sooooo much fun. And Warrior II makes me feel strong and capable. Check me out exploring these two postures.