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  • Toe-Ga

    28 Nov, 2014
    Toe-Ga — Yoga for your toes… and your feet… and your core… and co-ordination… and FUN! (Stretches toes and feet; Fosters healthy toe spacing; Core strength; Coordin
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  • Thanksgiving Kiddos Lesson Plan

    21 Nov, 2014
    • Playlist: Thanksgiving Yoga Kids (See Link Below) • Age: up to 10 • 45-60 mins • Props: Feathers, straws, twine, buttons with feathers glued on
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  • Football Anyone?

    14 Nov, 2014
    Football (Core strength; Coordination) This game has nothing to do with scrimmage lines or quarterbacks, and everything to do with building strong and healthy cores, alo
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  • Get Your Yoga on...

    7 Nov, 2014
    My November youth/adult playlist — so far this list has been a hit with my youth/adults, check it out and see if it vibes with your practice. November Playlist