• Happy New Year – Free Webinar!

    Hello and happy 2021!

    This past year has been challenging for many. Everybody has been impacted by the pandemic in some manner; this is especially true for healthcare professionals, educators, parents, and, of course, our children. Entering a new year, presented with a clean slate and a fresh start one can’t help but feel hopeful; but it’s not over yet, and we all must work together and continue respecting and supporting one another — especially our children. My commitment to help you  with quality tools, training and resources continues and I look forward to sharing more Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness magic with you this year.

    A favorite Walt Whitman quote, “Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you”, has been my mantra during challenging times. As we all look ahead to a new year, I hope the sun shines bright and strong, allowing the shadows to fall behind us and eventually fade. Wishing you and yours a safe and healthy new year.

    Stay safe, be well.

    Lisa Roberts xo

    P.S. We’ve got some exciting new things in the works, check it out:

    ONLINE LEARNING Live webinars recommence January 4th.  Lisa Roberts’ bite-sized webinars allow you to pick and choose learning experiences that apply to you and your work with children. Our kick-off webinar for 2021 on January 4th is FREE – Register Here!

    ON-DEMAND LEARNING Learn Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness on your terms and your time. Previous webinars are all available on demand and cost less than an average yoga class. Ideal for educators, pediatric professionals and parents, Lisa Roberts’ bite-sized virtual sessions are accessible, affordable and educational.

    YOUTUBE CHANNEL All Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness videos on Lisa’s YOUTUBE CHANNEL are free! Including chair accessible sessions for kids to stretch, move, breathe, play and feel great.

    NEW YEAR-NEW PROGRAMS-NEW LOOK We’re getting a makeover! What’s more, we’ll be introducing more family-friendly and professional development programs along with our new look. Stay tuned…. all will be revealed very soon!

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