• Active Meditation for Busy Kids

    Not all children (or adults) can easily sit still to meditate. Many are rather challenged by this.The YoYo philosophy is all about meeting children where they are and building skills from there. Set kids up for success in learning mindfulness and meditation with the following game.

    Pencils is fun to play with a friend or partner anytime! An active meditation, it encourages a quiet, focused mind to play. In addition to the benefits of meditation –a clear, calm and focused mind– this fun game develops coordination skills while fostering trust and teamwork.

    Play around with different and more challenging ways to suspend the pencil between two partners – fingertips, toes, feet, shoulder to shoulder, back to back. Have fun!

    Teachers! Pencils provides a great mini-break in a school day to help refocus a class and build trust and teamwork among peers – with all of the advantages of meditation to boot!

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