• Announcements!

    Usually my blogs are full of teaching tips, but this week I have a few announcements I simply can’t hold in!

    Drum roll, please…

    Fireworks, even… because this Sunday, July 5th I will be teaching a FREE yoga class for girls aged 8-14 at Ivivva in West County Mall from 10am-11am. SO, if you have a young yogini in your life, or a young lass who has never tried yoga, but really wants to…. please bring her along. And feel free to share this with those who you know with young yogis.


    Module A Intro to Kids Yoga Training in September has been announced! (November’s Module B will be announced soon.)

    Module A will be hosted once again at the gorgeous, Parenting Resources, in the Tower Park area of Saint Louis, on the weekend of September 18th-20th. Registration is open now and only $375, including course materials. Register before July 31st and pay only $325!

    What people are saying about YoYo Yoga Trainings:

    “I’ve used ideas you shared every day since I got back and it’s made me pretty popular with my co-workers and the kiddos I see.  So thank you again for such a wonderful opportunity!!”

    “I did an animal themed yoga group today with a group of kids ranging from 9-13. I expected a few eye rolls, especially from the older kids, but they all LOVED it!  They were totally engaged and didn’t want it to end. Each kiddo got to “teach” the poses on their cards to the rest of the group.  This worked perfectly as leadership and confidence are two of the characteristics we want to address in our group.  It was GREAT!  So once again, thank you!”

    “Lisa Roberts is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to therapeutic yoga for children. She offers gentle guidance through organized structure and makes participation fun. Lisa encourages her students to embrace the inner child within and discover the fun of life in a playful and energetic atmosphere.”

    “ This training experience was incredible – I learned so much and walked away with multiple ideas I can use in my job as a behavioral health therapist to children and adolescents. I signed up because I’ve recently begun to use yoga in my personal life and wanted to find out how to use these principles with the kids I see. In the two weeks since the training, I’ve used at least one idea from the workshop every day! I would strongly recommend this wonderful opportunity to anyone who works with kids or has even a small interest in yoga.”



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