• Blooming Flowers

    Create your own beautiful finger flowers (think, hand stretches for busy winter ipad hands) and teach the art of long, slow, mindful breathing with this simple breathing technique for kiddos.

    Blooming Flower Breath

    What is Blooming Flower Breath?
    Blooming Flower Breath encourages our mind and body to experience the freshness, peace and serenity of a garden in full bloom on a gorgeous spring day.

    How does it help me?
    Tapping in to our senses we visualize our hands as a beautiful blooming flower encouraging a sense of relaxation. Building on this visualization we deepen the experience and sense of relaxation by introducing slow, even inhales and exhales to calm and relax the body and mind. The gentle hand movements provide a beneficial stretch for our — often over-worked and over-looked — very busy hands and fingers.

    Ever heard the expression, “Slow down and smell the roses”? Well, here’s your opportunity to do so any time you need to:

    How do I do it?
    • Begin in a comfortable seated position.
    • Bring hands in front of your torso and hook the thumbs together, spread your fingers wide – this is your flower in full bloom!
    • Keeping the thumbs hooked together, gently close the fingers and fingertips to touch – this is your flowing closed in a bud.
    • Gently lift your bud to your nose and take a deep, long slow inhale – taking in the scent of your flower.
    • Spread the fingers wide, allowing your flower to bloom and gently exhale, blowing the air on your flower’s petals.
    • Really enjoy the color, shape, scent and bloom of your flower as you continue this exercise for several rounds.

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