• Calling all Superheroes

    It’s no secret that superheroes walk among us. This chair based Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness session is designed for kids of all ages to get in touch with their inner superhero and recognize and acknowledge the superheroes who contribute to their every day lives (mum, dad, teachers, neighbors, friends, therapists, doctors, nurses, child life specialists, etc.)

    Please note: There are MANY amazing stretches that can be accessed in a chair, but without knowing if the chair you are using is appropriately proportioned for your child’s height I can not demonstrate these safely in videos. All chair videos I share are adapted to be accessed in chairs of all sizes. I do highly recommend placing the chair on a non-slip surface (carpet, yoga mat). If you are interested in learning more about adaptive chair and bed accessible yoga for kids, especially comprehensive and targeted adaptations of traditional yoga postures and stretches for one-on-one therapeutic sessions, please contact me to discuss an online or in person professional development training.

    And if you enjoy today’s superhero stretch, stay tuned for next week’s post — I will share a popular Superhero themed guided meditation I created for kids.

    Happy Monday to all you superheroes!

    Lisa Roberts

    Superhero Chair Yoga – Click to View


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