• Chair Yoga: Simple Sequence for the Classroom, Clinic, or Office Setting

    No yoga mat? No problem! Many yoga poses can be adapted to a chair, and many standing postures are suitable to practice in a relatively confined space too, for example:  Mountain, Standing Crescent Moon, Tree and Crane.

    Chair Yoga for Kids

    Ear Bug – Inhale center, exhale drop ear to shoulder, inhale center, exhale repeat other side. 3-5 full rounds.

    Chinny-chin – Inhale center, exhale chin to chest, inhale lift. Repeat 3-5 full rounds.

    Chinny-chin-chin – Inhale center, exhale chin to chest, inhale chin along chest to left shoulder, exhale chin along chest to center, inhale chin along chest to right shoulder, exhale chin to along chest to center. Repeat 3-5 rounds. Inhale to neutral.

    Moo/Meow Seated Cat/Cow – slide palms along thighs

    Glowing Moon Lateral Side Stretch – Half moon (with or without arms raised)

    Twisting Torpedo Gentle Spinal Twist – Slide palms along thighs

    Eagle Eyes Eagle Arms (switch arms)

    Flying Eagle Eagle Arms Crunches (switch arms)

    Sleeping Eagle Seated Forward Fold

    Eagle Stuck in Peanut Butter Hip Circles (both directions)

    Figure Four Seated Pigeon Stretch

    Mud Walk Leg Lifts

    Bow and Arrow Flex foot (Flex bow); Point foot (Shoot arrow)

    Happy Feet Ankle Rolls


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