• Easter Themed Yoga for Kids

    Easter Yoga can be made fun and non-denominational for all kids to enjoy! Here is a fun and easy lesson plan — you will need to pre-print and laminate the images to hide inside your plastic eggs. You can use whatever images appeal to you and the lesson plan you wish to create, here is an example of the Easter-themed images I use:

    Easter Bonnet
    Easter Basket
    Easter Bunny
    Easter Egg
    Peeps (Chick)
    Mixing Chocolate
    Pouring Chocolate
    Setting Chocolate

    Oriental Trading is a great resource for plastic eggs – you can also theme your class around the eggs filled with toy surprises – they have jungle animal and dinosaur ones that are fabulous! I will try and post some examples from kids lessons I am teaching with these awesome purchases!

    Playlist: Easter Yoga Sample Playlist Linked Below
    Age: Preschool to 8
    20-30 mins
    Props: Plastic Eggs with mini image laminates inside. Paper Bunny Ears
    Easter Fun Yoga

    INTRO/PRANAYAMA: Let’s go to park for an Easter egg hunt!

    Walk in Grass – Leg Lifts w/breath
    Feel the Spring Sunshine – Sunshine Breath
    Rest Under the Shady Trees – Tree/Group Tree
    PUT ON BUNNY EARS – Funny, Bunny Breath

    GAME: Treasure Hunt

    Play Wheel Barrow Game to gather eggs, or Random Drawer from Easter Basket. Each child returns to their mat and take turns opening their egg and leading the posture found inside.


    Easter Egg – Hug Knees to Chest Rolls
    Peeps – Chick Walk
    Bunny – Bunny Hops
    Easter Basket – Floor Bow
    Easter Bonnet – Inhale/Exhale one hand on head at time, gently twists on exhale with hands (bonnet) resting on head.
    Mix Chocolate – Hip Circles (both directions!)
    Pour Chocolate – Triangle
    Set Chocolate – Savasana


    Egg Roll – Roll back and forth on back and slow to stop, S-T-R-E-T-C-H out. Imagine your egg melting in the sun into a giant chocolate puddle!


    Another fun game to add on to the lesson plan – or to be used in the Treasure Hunt portion of lesson plan to collect eggs is a version of Egg and Spoon Race. The child must concentrate to get from one end of room to other balancing the plastic eggs on a spoon, if they drop it they must go back to start. Once all eggs are collected you can open and lead the postures. Or simply play this as a fun mindfulness game after class.

    Easter Theme Yoga Playlist

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