• Energizing Flying Flag Breath

    Flying Flag Breath

    What is Flying Flag Breath and how does it help me?

    Flying Flag Breath is an energizing breathing technique that can be used as a quick pick-me up if you are feeling sluggish or tired. It is also very helpful for clearing nasal passages/congestion and toning the abdominal muscles.

     What do I need?

    A silk scarf, soft handkerchief or Kleenex – this will be your ‘flag’.

     How do I do it?
    1. Begin in a comfortable seated position.
    2. Hold your ‘flag’ by its top two corners in front of your face. Be sure your shoulders are relaxed.
    3. Take a deep inhale.
    4. Exhale through the nose in a burst of air to move your ‘flag’.
    5. You will automatically inhale through the nose so do not even need to think about inhaling.
    6. Focusing on your exhale only, continue to exhale bursts of air through the nose moving the flag. Do this 5-10 times before lowering your flag and recommencing regular breathing.
    7. Did you notice your abdomen moving as you practiced flag breath? Do you notice how energized Flying Flag Breath made you feel?

    *Tip: As with all breathing exercises, start small and build to higher number of reps. Do not do more than TEN reps of flag breath per round and always gauge how many rounds to complete by how it makes you feel – one round can provide more than enough energy!

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