• Games for Kids – Musical Mats

    Musical Mats

    (Communication; Teamwork; Listening Skills; Cooperation)

    Set out one yoga mat for each child. Place a flashcard at the top of each mat (you can easily make these by printing images and laminating). Play music and ask children to dance around the room, when the music stops they must find a yoga mat and create a shape with their body that correlates with the image on the flashcard at the top of the chosen mat (for example, if an image of a tree is on the card, tree-pose; a cat, table or cat pose) . Allow enough time for the children to find a shape and hold it before restarting the music.

    Musical Mats Variation – Deserted Island

    Remove cards and leave mats out; when music stops children find a mat and create any pose, stretch or body shape that they choose. Remove one mat after each round, so children will need to begin sharing mats and find a body shape that allows him/her to fit on the mat no matter how many kiddos are on each mat. Eventually, there should only be one mat remaining and the children will all need to work together to find a body shape that allows them all to share the mat (for example, Mountain).

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