• Get Festive — Holiday Yoga Lesson Plan for Kids

    Playlist: Holiday Yoga (See next week’s post for a suggested playlist)
    Time: 30 Mins


    Let’s make snow to set the scene to play Winter Wonderland/Holiday yoga.

    Inhale, make fists with hands and reach them high up overhead.
    Exhale and gently flutter fingers/hands floating down to earth, like snowflakes.



    Build a Jolly Snowman:

    Move Energy Between Hands – Build Snowballs
    Sunshine Breath, Land Hands on Head – Put on Hat
    Inhale/Exhale Alternate Arm Swing at Shoulder Height – Scarf Blowing in Wind
    Crescent – Carrot/Nose

    Come to Standing at Top of Mat:

    Make a Candy Cane: Inhale Sweep Arms Overhead – smell the peppermint!
    Exhale to Forward Fold – candy Cane
    Inhale – Roll Up in Cane Shape

    Be a Penguin: Flap Penguin Wings – Sweep Arms up on inhale, Lower on exhale
    And a Snow Flake: Wide Arm/Leg Stretch – Snowflake
    Wide Arm/Leg Swing – Floating Snowflake
    Triangle RS – Floating Snowflake
    Wide Arm/Leg Forward Fold – Fallen Snowflake
    Triangle LS – Floating Snowflake
    Wide Arm/Leg Forward Fold – Fallen Snowflake

    Enjoy Some Candy: FULL Eagle (R+LS) – Twist and Untwist Candy Wrapper

    Bow out of standing poses and find child’s pose:

    Grow an Evergreen Tree: Child’s Pose – Seed
    Rise through Malasana to Tree – Grow Tree
    Stretch Arms/Shake – Hang Ornaments

     SWAN DIVE to forward fold and lower to belly:

    Decorate TreeGentle Full Body Roll – Wrap Tree in Tinsel
    Up-dog – Curl up like a Candy Cane Ornament
    Floor Bow – Roll around like a Snowman Ornament

    Roll onto Back:

    Eagle Arm and Leg Core Crunches – Unwrap Hard Candy
    Full Body Stretch – Add Lateral Stretch – Bendy Candy Cane Shape
    Rock’n’Roll – Make Snowballs

    Roll to Seat:

    Bake Gingerbread People: Hip Circles – Mix Gingerbread Mix
    Rock’n’Roll to Wide/Arm Leg Rest – Roll out, Cut and Bake Gingerbread People
    Wide Arm/Leg Stretch – Gingerbread Person

    Play in Snow: Snow Angel

    BIG RELAX: Snowflake Melt; Snowflake Float


    Stocking:WaterfallStocking Hanging
    Point and Flex Feet; Happy Feet; Rotate Ankles – Stockings Dancing on the Fireplace Waiting to be Filled!

    Roll to Seated Staff Pose (Use Core)

    STAFF POSE w/Sunshine Breath – Fill Stocking with Goodies and Gifts! What gifts can you add to your yoga stocking? What gifts do you already have in your yoga stocking (YOU!)? Open discussion about what gifts we each have inside – which ones can we share this holiday — smiles, love, hugs, kindness etc.


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