• Halloween Yoga Lesson Plan for Kids

    • Playlist: Halloween Yoga (See last week’s post)
    • 45-50 mins
    • Props: Trick or Treat Bag w/plastic Halloween toys (I got mine at Target, they are small plastic Halloween themed finger puppets); Popsicle Sticks; Twine or Wool (in blood red, of course!)

    CENTER: Pumpkin POOP! INHALE making chest and belly nice and round like a pumpkin. EXHALE and imagine pulling out the seeds from deep inside. Repeat 3-10 times.

    SONG: Extend arms in loose cactus overhead, like a ghost and move like a ghost while singing this song.
    “If you’re a ghost and you know it, then say Boo!
    If you’re a ghost and you know it, then say Boo!
    If you’re a ghost and you know it, and you really want to show it
    If you’re a ghost and you know it, then say Boo!”

    BREATHE: Extended exhale making a “Booooooooooooooo” sound – repeat x 3.

    Be a…
    Night Owl: Sit on knees, hands on shoulders, flap wings and twist in each direction “Hoo, Hoo, Hoo”.
    Black Cat: Cat/Cow… hissssss….. meow!
    Haunted House Door: Gate Pose – Creaking sound effects encouraged!
    Black Cat: Cat/Cow… hissssss….. meow!
    Go Bobbing for Apples: Downdog to Updog – repeat x 3
    Be a…
    Black Cat: Cat/Cow… hissssss….. meow!
    Spooky Spider: Reverse Table Walk
    Witch’s Hat: Triangle
    Witch’s Broomstick: Mountain to Crescent (Fly!)
    FLY!: Warrior III
    Be a…
    Crescent Moon: Crescent Moon Pose
    Spooky Haunted Tree: Tree with gnarly branches
    Cross River to Hunt Ghosts: Canoe-Boat SING: “Row, row, row your boat… if you see a ghost,
    don’t forget to scream – aaaRhhhh!”
    Build a Bridge for the River Troll: Bridge
    Be a…
    Rolling Jack O’Lantern: Floor Bow (roll from side to side and back and forth)  or Supine Rock’n’Rolls

    • Yogi says, Last Yogi Standing, or Freeze Dance – use any to review above poses.
    • Trick or Treat Game: Random Draw of Halloween plastic toys – see pose guide.

    Savasana: Stretch skeleton out on the floor and imagine every bone and notice where it touches the floor. Imagine the impression your skeleton is leaving on the floor.

    Closing Game: Spooky Spider Web of LOVE!

    Halloween Plastic Toy Pose Guide

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