• Is Teaching Kids’ Yoga Easy?

    No, but it is very fulfilling and a heck of a lot of fun!

    Teaching children’s yoga requires patience, love, compassion, creativity, and a sense of playfulness and fun. But what does it take to be a great pediatric yoga teacher? Read on to find out…

    While children’s yoga sessions may look like child’s play, a well-trained pediatric yoga teacher puts a lot of thought into each session to support your child’s physical, cognitive, sensory and social development. Understanding and teaching to meet and support a child’s developmental needs is extremely important to make yoga engaging, beneficial and safe for children of all ages and stages.

    We all want strong, flexible bodies and know that this is a common benefit of yoga, however, expanding minds and imaginations is equally important. A great kids yoga teacher doesn’t teach the same lesson week after week, she digs deep to explore imaginary stories, characters and subjects that your child loves — reinventing yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques, and playing games to broaden your child’s imagination and flex his mind beyond boundaries.

    A great kids yoga teacher observes and teaches to your child’s learning style while exposing her to experiences she may not ordinarily seek to support growth in those areas. She’s aware of incorporating and balancing sensory input to support neurological development while remaining sensitive to your child’s individual needs and triggers.

    A great kids yoga teacher can confidently and safely adapt yoga sessions for differently abled children and design sessions to support wellness in children – from allergies and colds to tummy troubles. She thinks outside of the box and can teach in a classroom setting, a clinical setting, a studio, gym, office, indoors or outdoors, and even in your living room! Understanding children and shifting energies, a great kids yoga teacher comes prepared for all situations and can adapt her session to benefit your child’s needs on the fly, without missing a beat.

    It takes a good solid training, a strong work ethic, and whole lot of dedication to teach yoga to children. And while it is SO much more than fun and games, teaching kids’ yoga is a highly rewarding experience. If you love working with children and truly care about providing them with tools to live healthy and happy lives, if you don’t mind dancing on a shifting rug or being surrounded by joy and laughter along with the occasional cry/meltdown, and you aren’t adverse to spontaneous hugs, then teaching children’s yoga could be for you.

    Considering teaching children yoga? Your training matters, and not all children’s yoga trainings are created equal. Here’s what some of YoYo Yoga School’s graduates have said about YoYo Yoga School’s teacher-training program:

    “This weekend was THE BEST professional – and personal – development I have attended in a long, long time.” Veronica, Early Childhood Behavior Specialist

    “Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and love of teaching children yoga with me. Your training touched a place in my heart which joined my love of yoga with my love and past experience of teaching kids. You have opened a whole new world for me!” Lisa, Speech Therapist and Yoga Teacher

    “I have been incorporating A LOT of mindfulness and breath awareness into my elementary classes and it has been going fantastically!!! I can’t wait to learn a TON more in the advanced training.” Summer Beasley, Teacher and Yoga Teacher

    “This training experience was incredible – I learned so much and walked away with multiple ideas I can use in my job as a behavioral health therapist to children and adolescents. In the two weeks since the training, I’ve used at least one idea from the workshop every day! I would strongly recommend this wonderful opportunity to anyone who works with kids or has even a small interest in yoga.” Nicole, Behavioral Therapist

    “I have been working with the material a lot in order to prepare for a new course I’m teaching at my school. I feel like I have tons of strategies I can use from day one.” Michelle, Physical Education Teacher

    Click here to learn more about YoYo Yoga School’s KAY (Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga) teacher training. Our spring sessions begin March 2019 and end May 2019.

    Please note: This is the final year Lisa Roberts will be offering this training in the Saint Louis area.

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