• Jabba the Melt

    Oh yes, it’s that wonderful time of the year…. the new Star Wars movie is soon to be released and in celebration we have decided to have a little yoga fun with the villains. Today we are exploring Jabba the Hutt and in a few weeks we will highlight the evil Darth Vader…. stay tuned!

    What is Jabba the Melt?

    Inspired by the infamous Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt,  Jabba the Melt is a fun relaxation technique that relies on imagination and visualization skills to relax the body. Simply guiding kiddos to imagine they have no bones, just like Jabba the Hutt, they can progressively relax melting their body from head to toe as the framework of their bones soften and relax.

    How does it help me?

    People carry tension in their bodies without being aware of it. By simply taking a moment to focus on relaxing and softening, we not only recharge our bodies and minds but also release more subtle tension that we may not be aware we are holding. Relaxing and softening the entire body allows us to let go of ALL tension, whether we are aware of it or not.

    How do I do it?

    1. Begin in a comfortable seated position with the eyes gently closed.
    2. Take a few deep inhales through the nose, exhaling through an open mouth with a sigh… “Ahhhh”.
    3. Breath normally.
    4. Imagine your body getting really soft, from the top of your head all the way to your feet.
    5. Imagine your body softening and relaxing.
    6. Starting from the top of your head, working your way down the entire body, very slowly, begin to imagine your body has no bones.
    7. As you visualize each body part, imagine how soft it would be without bones holding it in place. Allow the body to get really soft.
    8. Once you feel like a big relaxed blob with no bones and no tension (like Jabba the Hutt), sit in stillness for a few moments, enjoying the sensation of no bones – and a very relaxed and soft body.

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