• July 4th – Time for Firework Breath!

    Firework Breath is a fun, active breathing exercise that is great stress buster. It is also helpful when your kids need to shake off excess energy or silliness.

    How does it help me?

    Sometimes we have a lot of excess energy buzzing around inside of us, making it really hard to focus or concentrate on important things, like schoolwork. Firework Breath uses the body and the breath to harness and release some of that energy, making it easy for you to sit, focus, do great work and learn.

    How do I do it?
    • Bending the knees, lower into a squat position.
    • Draw your hands to heart center with the palms pressed together. This is
    the tip of your firework launcher.
    • Take a deep breath in through the nose, filling up your lungs.
    • Launch your firework! Keep your palms pressed into each other as you
    shoot your arms straight up like a missile and jump to a standing position, then spread the arms and legs out wide, like an exploding Firework. Breathe out loudly through an open mouth and imagine you are an exploding firework “Boom!”
    • Imagine what color and type of firework you are. Imagine how bright and dynamic you are.

    Learn more fun ways to teach children self regulation skills here:

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