Our Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness for kids program is based Lisa Roberts’ original Kids Adaptive and Accessible Yoga (KAY)

What is KAY?

Even when faced with health challenges, kids are still kids, and their sessions must:

  • Be fun and engaging
  • Benefit the physical and psychological needs of the child
  • Promote wellness
  • Reduce feelings of stress or anxiety
  • Include skilled and safe adaptations for mobility restrictions

Created by Lisa Roberts, a pediatric yoga specialist with over 14 years experience teaching wellness to kids in a hospital and clinical setting, the KAY method recognizes the needs of the whole child while compassionately guiding kiddos to stock toolboxes with valuable skills they can access anytime they need to.

KAY sessions are adapted to support differing abilities, special needs, illness, physical or developmental delays. KAY sessions are extremely creative — capturing imaginations and captivating the spirit – while supporting wellness, recovery, pain control, and empowering kiddos with a set of coping skills to face challenges.