Meet Our MMM Characters

    • Ben D. Yogi


      Hi, my name is Ben D. Yogi and I am proud to say I LOVE Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness because it makes me super flexible and bendy! My favorite yoga-based Movement postures are Downward Facing Dog and Butterfly, although I like to call that one Bat. And that’s why I love Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness, not only does it help my body stay flexible, but I get to stretch my mind too – I can be anything and am only limited by my imagination, which is ginormous!

    • pic2Ivy League

      Hello, my name is Ivy League and I love to study. Studying Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness is so much fun! I explore different ways to move my body and each time I my practice and have learned that I love to be upside down! It gives me a different point of view and reminds me to look and think about things from all perspectives, even when I am not hanging out in shoulder stand. Balancing is really fun too – some days it is easy and others it is hard, but that’s okay because each day and each time I practice, I am different too.

    • pic3Max E. Mim

      My name is Max E. Mim, I have been moving mindfully and meditating since I was about six years old and I love it to the maximum! My favorite movement poses are Tree and Floor Bow. Why? Trees are cool, and grow all over the world, when I grow a tree with my body I can transport myself anywhere in the world – from Central Park, to the Amazon Jungle, to Sherwood Forest! I love that I can move around in tree and if I fall, it is okay to just start over again, I mean trees drop their leaves and have branches trimmed all of the time and they simply grow back; trees also bend and flex in the wind and we humans can do the same too, so long as we stay flexible!

      Bow posture is fierce! I especially like rolling over from side-to-side in Bow pose. You do not have to be frozen and stiff like a statue, in fact, moving is encouraged. Here are my Max E. Mim favorite postures:

    • pic4Wanda Full

      My name is Wanda Full, wonderful to meet you! Movement has been a long time passion of mine, I prefer it over most other sports and all of my friends love it too – we move and play together every day at school! Recently my Mom and Dad gave my friends and me a Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness party, it was so cool. My favorite poses are Rotated Head to Knee and Wheel, check me out modeling these poses.

    • pic5Sven I. Practice

      My name is Sven I. Practice and when I practice  Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness I feel awesome and chilled out. Sometimes I spend a lot of time playing games and studying on my computer and mindful stretches, breathing and meditation, provide a nice little break to recharge and reboot my body and mind. I love all of the poses and especially enjoy stretching my hands and neck because they sometimes feel like they get stuck after I have been using my computer. My ultimate, favorite poses are the really relaxing ones, Easy Pose and Child’s Pose here’s me practicing them:

    • pic6Aya Yogini

      Hello! My name is Aya Yogini and I am a yogini (a female who practices yoga). What I love most about Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness is that I can be and feel so many things when I practice, I am a goddess and a warrior, strong and poised, I can seize the moment and be anything I dream of.

      My favorite poses are Cobra and Warrior II because I get to hiss like a snake when I play cobra pose and it is sooooo much fun. And Warrior II makes me feel strong and capable. Check me out exploring these two postures.


Hey there! I’m Everest and I LOVE playing a lot of different sports – I’m really good at basketball and when my parents bought me a sports wheelchair for my tenth birthday, it not only made my game a whole lot more fun, but I earned myself a position on a junior team for disabled athletes. My goal is to play in the Olympics one day. My aunt introduced me to Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness, she told me it would help me maintain my focus to achieve that goal. I practice in my wheelchair, but I also get out of my chair and onto a mat – my teacher is really encouraging and we work together to figure out how to adapt poses to be sure I am getting the maximum benefit from my sessions. Mindful breathing and meditation has helped me in school as much as it has on the basketball court… and my physical therapist is impressed by how much my practice has complimented my PT sessions.

This is me in Mountain Pose – obviously, a favorite because my name. But, stay tuned, I will show you how I can do all of the poses that my buddies are doing on this page. It’s really cool to be able to practice with my friends, all it takes is a GREAT, well-trained Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness teacher!