• Making yoga accessible to children

    Accessible yoga has become a bit of a buzz phrase lately – and rightly so! It truly is a practice that can be enjoyed by every body. I teach accessible yoga, adapted for kids who are hospitalized and critically ill, as well as kiddos who have mobility and/or developmental differences. I LOVE what I do, but truly believe that making yoga accessible to children is not just about working with specific populations.

    Making yoga accessible to children can be as simple as introducing a child to the practice and allowing him/her to explore it on his/her own.

    Busy bathing her two older kids, my daughter-in-law went to find her youngest son once she was done…. she found Jonah, age 4 (pictured below) in his room following the yoga pose guide in the children’s story book, The Mountain That Longed To Be Different.

    This simple story has become Jonah’s favorite — through this story, Jonah has accessed yoga… all by himself. He loves yoga, asks to read the book and practice yoga with his siblings, and, as evidenced by this cute pic… toddles off on his own and creates his own practice.

    This is making yoga accessible to children. Children are much more in touch with their inner wisdom than we grown-ups give them credit for, we only need to give them the space and opportunity to explore.


    The Mountain That Longed To Be Different is available at the following outlets:






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