• Meditation for Active Kids

    Meditation can be challenging – even for adults! – the key to teaching children meditation skills, is to meet kids where they are and incrementally develop skills. Focus-based activities and games help children – most kids are stunned (and extremely proud) to learn that they are meditating while playing.


    What is Pencils and how does it help me?

    Pencils is a fun game to play with a friend or partner anytime! An active meditation, it encourages a quiet, focused mind to play. In addition to the benefits of meditation –a clear, calm and focused mind– Pencils develops coordination skills while fostering trust and teamwork.

    What will I need?

    Two new pencils – unsharpened (flat on both ends)

    How do I do it?

      1. Begin in a comfortable seated position facing your partner.
      2. Hold one palm up to face your partner’s palm, like a mirror. For example, if partner A holds up his left palm, partner B would hold up his right palm.
      3. Place one pencil between the palms. Gently press palms into the flat end of the pencil, suspending the pencil in the air between each partner’s palms.
      4. Begin to move the pencil around without dropping it.
      5. Take turns leading.
      6. Once you feel comfortable moving one pencil, place the second pencil between the other two palms. So, both hands are working with a pencil in each.
      7. Move each hand in different directions and speeds. Can you move both pencils at once without dropping them?
      8. Once you feel comfortable moving two pencils in both hands sitting, stand up and walk around the room, still connected to your partner by the two pencils.
      9. Can you move around the room and move the pencils in unison without dropping them?
      Have fun with it! It is okay if you drop the pencils, it will happen sometimes. Pick them up, refocus, and begin again.


      Play around with different and more challenging ways to suspend the pencil between two partners – fingertips, toes, feet, shoulder to shoulder, back to back. Have fun!
      Teachers! Pencils provides a great mini-break in a school day to help refocus a class and build trust and teamwork among peers – with all of the advantages of meditation to boot!

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