• (Mindful!) Halloween Fun for Kids!

    Spider Web of Love — A Halloween Yoga Game for Kids

    A fun morale-boosting game that teaches kids to ‘see’ others, and reveals how others see them. Fosters compassion, empathy, and unity as well as self-confidence.

    You will need:

    1 x ball of wool or twine (sparkly silver or orange are great for Halloween, but any color will do. Bright colors work well if you plan to wall mount the web after playing).

    1 x popsicle stick per player

    Small groups of 5-6 work best for this so each child receives several compliments.

    Build your web:

    Begin sitting in circle with a ball of wool or twine.  The ‘starter’ takes the end piece of wool, wraps it around his popsicle stick (or hand if no popsicle sticks), he then rolls the ball of wool to another participant along with a verbal compliment, for example, “Cindy, you are amazing at sport.”

    The participant receiving the compliment loops part of the string around hand (or popsicle stick) before rolling ball to another participant, along with a verbal compliment, “Travis, you have a great smile.”

    Continue playing until a giant web appears. If using popsicles the web can be mounted on a wall and decorated with post-it notes displaying compliments received — a creative and artful reminder of just how special each child and the group as a whole is!

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