• Movement for Kids of all Ages

    Well-planned Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness sessions provide oodles of healthful and developmentally supportive benefits for children. From toddler through young-adult, sessions can be designed to meet a child’s physical, sensory, cognitive, emotional, and social development needs. Beyond achieving progressive milestones, moving the body reaps healthy benefits for kids and adults of all ages.

    Ever heard the expression, “get out of your head and into your body”?, movement is not only critical to survival but nourishing for mind, body and soul. Designed to move, the human body craves movement and positively responds to even small bursts of activity. For example, a quick run, brisk walk, swinging on a swing, or dancing can regulate energy levels, release feel-good endorphins to elevate mood, and release physical or mental tension. In essence, incorporating mindful movement into daily routines is so much more than a key to surviving, it’s the pathway to thriving.  

    And we all want our kids to thrive! Introducing healthy habits from a young age can provide a strong set of life-skills and lay the foundation for physical and mental wellness. Here are just a few of the many benefits of yoga-based movement for developing children from Lisa Roberts’ Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness program:

    Develop fine and gross motor skills, balance, bilateral integration and coordination
    Improve posture, mobility, stability, strength, and flexibility
    Balance brain hemispheres
    Develop mind-body awareness
    Support body awareness and spatial orientation
    Support sensory processing, proprioception and vestibular development
    Modulate energy flow and arousal levels
    Improve communication and leadership skills and social interaction
    Improve focus, processing, retention, recall, and learning ability
    Support tactile and kinesthetic learning
    Improve confidence, self-awareness, self-regulation and quality of sleep
    Elevate moods and regulate emotions and reactions
    Build self-esteem and self-respect

    And if you’re the lucky parent, teacher, or pediatric professional who gets to move and groove in a joyful and healthy way with kids, you’re going to reap the benefits too! What are you waiting for, let’s move!

    Learn the basics of yoga-based stretching, including simple modifications to support healthy development as well as developmental differences for toddlers through young adults:

    Movement for Toddlers

    Movement for Preschoolers

    Movement for 5-8yr olds

    Movement for Tweens

    Movement for Teens and Young Adults

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