• Ocean Drift – Kick Back and Relax

    It’s a stuffy July day in the midwest — the perfect day to close my eyes and pretend to escape to the beach. Care to join me?

    What is Ocean Drift?

    Ocean Drift is an auditory meditation technique that relaxes the mind and body.

    What do I need?

    1. Comfortable place to lie still and relax.
    2. *Ocean sounds track (Downloadable from iTunes – See recommendations below)
    3. Sound system to play track.
    4. Pillows, blankets, bolsters as needed for comfort.

    How do I do it?

    1. Set up sound system to “loop” ocean sounds track for as long as you would like to enjoy this meditation/relaxation exercise.
    2. Begin to play track and turn the lights off or down before getting comfortable.
    3. Lie down on your back and set yourself up with any props necessary to be comfortable – pillows, blankets etc.
    4. Take several deep breaths as your body releases and relaxes onto the floor, allow the mind to let go of any thoughts as you settle in and relax.
    5. Let the body go completely, allowing the floor to fully support it.
    6. Shift your attention to the sounds filling the room.
    7. Allow the waves to wash over you. Each wave bringing a new and deeper sense of relaxation to your body and mind. Releasing any tension with each receding wave. Allow the ocean to ebb and flow, maintaining a focus on the sounds.

    8. Once the Ocean meditation is over, rest a little longer without the music enjoying the benefits of this exercise before slowly sitting up.

    *Tip: Ocean sound tracks are available from iTunes. You may also find some on relaxation CD’s available at local music stores, health food stores, or department stores such as Walmart or Target. Ocean sounds may be substituted for any track you find soothing and relaxing – forest sounds, birds, water etc.


    Ocean Waves Solo – A Meditative Journey, Natalie Maisel – www.yogadownload.com

    Ocean Waves 1 – Sounds For Life – iTunes

    Ocean Sounds – New Born Baby Lullabies – iTunes

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