• Paper Hats and Kids Yoga

    As the least skilled origami teacher in the Universe I won’t even attempt to teach you how to fold a neat little paper hat — what I will teach you, however, is how to multi-task ONE simple folding technique that can be turned into many a fun yoga class for kiddos!

    If you missed out on our recent Belly Boats post I recommend clicking over and taking a quick look. The neat little paper boat you made after reading this post can very easily multi-task as a neat little paper hat. Click Here

    Sooooo, what do I do with a neat little paper hat? Well, for one, you – or your kiddos – decorate it, not as a boat this time but to represent an animal or thing you can base a yoga pose on (for example, A King for Throne or Chair pose). Make different hats to compliment different themes to build your classes around.

    As children try on each hat they can recreate a pose you teach them or make up their own – taking on the identity of the animal or thing that the hat represents. The hat does not need to be another hat, using our example above of the King (the hat could actually be a crown) BUT you can simply draw a fish on the hat and recreate poses related to a fish (fish pose, being just one!).

    You can play identity games – One player wears a hat without looking at what is on the hat. The other players act out -in yoga- the things that relate to this until player one guesses what he/she is!

    Musical Mats – When a player lands on a mat they place the hat that is on the mat on their heads and take on the identity but recreating the yoga pose (teach all poses before playing this game). When the music starts, they can place the hat back on the mat for another player.

    Story-time – Have kids create a story together based on their hats. Of course, acted out in yoga poses that all kiddos follow along to.

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