Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness

Professional Development

Earn professional development credits and learn vital skills to implement immediately in the workplace. Select a signature professional development (below), or allow Lisa Roberts to customize a training to meet the professional and continuing education needs of your staff and the populations that you serve.

Half, full, and multi-day trainings are offered in person on site at your organization (domestic and international locations), or, on site in St. Louis, Missouri. Video conferencing is available for remote clients, please note, for educational integrity and safety reasons not all PDT programs are available remotely and must be completed in person. 

Participation in a YoYo Yoga professional development training requires a passion and desire to help children thrive; some yoga experience is helpful, but certainly not necessary.

Breathing, Meditation, and Mindfulness for Kids and Teens

This hands-on training explores the benefits of breathing, meditation, and mindfulness and provides the tools to teach these vital skills to kids and teens:

  • Learn engaging and fun methods to help kids explore the breath
  • Identify a core set of tools to help children self-regulate responses, reactions and emotions
  • Identify adaptable practices to engage children of all ages and abilities in meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Develop age-appropriate meditation experiences for children
  • Integrate creative storytelling, guided imagery, and progressive relaxation 
  • Games, crafts and techniques to support active kids
Yoga-based Movement for Kids: The Basics

An introductory training for professionals who work with children, exploring how to effectively adapt yoga-based stretches and activities to benefit and appeal to kids of all ages. Learn basic stretches and postures, developmentally supportive adaptations, and sequencing to confidently create age-appropriate movement experiences for all children:

Yoga-Based Postures and Stretches:

  • Identify the benefits of yoga-based postures and stretches
  • Correct and safe alignment
  • Modifications to support developmental differences 
  • Identify practices that support healthy development
  • Creative and imaginative approach to mindful movement

Planning Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions for Kids:

  • Sequencing safe, beneficial and developmentally supportive MMM sessions
  • Warm-up sequences for kids
  • Creating movement adventures: Theme engaging, educational and fun sessions for kids
  • Support kinesthetic learning: Educating children through movement 
  • Meditation and Mindfulness for kids
  • Games 
Educators:  Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness in the Classroom and Beyond

Adapting Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness in the classroom setting, and beyond:

  • Seated and standing stretches; utilizing desks/chairs in the classroom setting
  • Effective 30-60 sec “MMM breaks” to focus and/or energize a classroom full of kids!
  • Strategies to theme sessions around school curriculum and support kinesthetic learning 
  • Creating harmonious classrooms and non-competitive, supportive student community
  • Games 
  • Group sessions for after school or PE programing
Health Professionals: Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness in the Clinical Setting

Adapting Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness to benefit children in the clinical setting.

  • Wellness: Empowering kids with tools to navigate a clinic visit or hospital stay
  • Wellness: Tools to relieve stress and anxiety, improve sleep and support overall feelings of wellness for children in the clinical setting
  • Assessing a child’s needs for yoga-based Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness interventions in the clinical setting
  • Adapting for each developmental stage from toddler to young adult
  • Guide seated or standing stretches and movement 
  • Adapt restorative and supported, in-bed stretches and gentle movement
  • Facilitating group sessions for support groups of all ages, including family sessions
Pediatric Wellness: Support for Healthy & Happy Kids

Developmentally and physically supportive Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness for children:

  • Identify age-appropriate practices that support healthy development and wellness in children
  • Identify supportive practices to address common challenges – from tummy troubles, to colds/allergies, to quality sleep, and the ability to focus well
  • Explore child development and how Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness practices can play a vital role in supporting physical, sensory, cognitive and social development
Kids’ Adaptive and Accessible Yoga (KAY) for Professionals

Kids’ Adaptive and Accessible Yoga (KAY) focuses on adapting yoga-based movement sessions for those children with differing abilities, special needs, illness, and physical or developmental limitations. *Yoga experience or completion of Yoga-based Movement for Kids: The Basics (see above), is required.

  • Identify simple adaptations of common yoga-based postures
  • Plan sessions that flow flawlessly when working with kids with physical limitations or in unusual settings.  
  • Identify contraindications and safe modifications to support children with ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asbergers, and Down Syndrome diagnoses
  • Identify practices that provide a balance of sensory input to support brain and sensory system development in children
  • Understand sensory processing, sensory processing disorders and triggers when working with special needs children 
  • Identify yoga practices that support children with sensory processing disorders to find a balance of input to remain organized, calm and centered
  • Gain the ability to assess and provide children with a set of tools to self-soothe, self-regulate, and shift from reflexive to reflective behavior patterns
  • Deepen communication skills to support connecting with children authentically
  • Create safe, supportive, and inclusive sessions for ALL children
    Family Sessions
    • Plan well-balanced sessions that are engaging and supportive for children and adults 
    • Apply safe modifications for young children, challenging modifications for older kids and adults
    • Create fun family experiences that foster strength, unity and support
    • Provide families with helpful  Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness tools that can be easily accessed beyond their sessions
    • Games 
    Facilitating Sessions for Support Groups

    Learn how to facilitate sessions for support groups:

    • Assessing and identifying a support groups needs
    • Designing beneficial experiences for all ages
    • Develop sessions to incorporate Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness for all ages
    • Design sessions that can easily adapt to small or large settings
    • Create ongoing programs 
    Yoga Yum: Yoga-Based Restorative Stretching and Guided Meditation for Children 
    • Benefits of yoga-based restorative stretching and meditation for children
    • Identify core methods to creatively adapt restorative stretches and meditation to engage and nurture children through each developmental stage
    • Learn to adapt and safely use props to fully support children in restorative stretches
    • Creative methods to teach restorative stretches to children
    • Skillfully guide meditation experiences for children
    • Create a safe, nurturing and relaxing environments for children

      • Lead Trainer/Mentor All professional development trainings and family wellness seminars are led by leading pediatric yoga specialist, Lisa Roberts (ERYT-200, RCYT).  Lisa has over fourteen years experience providing wellness sessions to children in the clinical setting and is highly skilled at adapting Movement, Meditation and Mindfulness to be accessible and beneficial for critically ill and physically/developmentally challenged children.
      • Community Upon completion of a professional development training or wellness seminar, participants will be invited to join a private online community – a strong and inspiring network of parents and pediatric professionals committed to supporting one another in a shared mission to help kids thrive.
      • CEU’s and PDP’s As each profession and state has its own credentialing requirements, we recommend confirming with your school, employer, licensing board, or professional association if training hours apply toward your degree or continuing education requirements. Application for accreditation from these organizations is your responsibility and additional fees may apply. Registered yoga teachers are eligible for Yoga Alliance continuing education credits.