• Rainbow Breath

    I mentioned Rainbow Breathing in a recent post as an activity in my “Winter Olympic” themed yoga plan. Remember Winter Olympic plans can be tweaked to theme as general sports well after the Olympics are over. Learn about what Rainbow Breathing is, how to practice and how it helps here:

    *Paint a Rainbow on the Sky

     What is Paint a Rainbow on the Sky? Paint a Rainbow on the Sky is an imagination based group activity to play with your friends that incorporates creative visualization, breathing, self-massage and teamwork.

    How does it help me? You and your friends will have fun, making a beautiful rainbow together and you will all feel nice and relaxed after.

    How do I do it?

    1. Begin sitting in a small circle. Sit comfortably, either on the knees or in crisscross.
    2. Cup your hands in front of you to make a small bowl. Imagine – inside your mind, do not say it out loud! – the bowl of your hands being filled with any color paint you like. Be creative – it does not have to be a color traditionally found in a rainbow; it can be any color you like and can even have sparkles in it!
    3. Once you can picture the paint in you cupped hands, gently rub the palms of your hands together to mix the paint.
    4. Now spread the paint by rubbing the paint up your arms, across your chest and shoulders, on your neck, face and head. Massage it into your hair and reach around to rub some on the back of your neck, rub it on your back and sides and on your belly. Rub it down your legs all of the way to your feet.
    5. Rub the palms together again to mix more paint in your special color, and as you do, take a deep breath in.
    6. As you breathe out, spread the color across the sky above you in the shape of an arc with your palms. Be sure to stretch your arms really wide making a beautiful, broad rainbow arc.
    7. Repeat this three times.
    8. Once finished, open your eyes and look up at the beautiful rainbow you and your friends created together.
    9. Take turns moving around the circle pointing out and sharing which color you contributed to the rainbow.

    *This technique was developed by one of my teachers, Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Yoga Teacher, Allison Morgan (Zensational Kids LLC)

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