• Superheroes and Princesses

    Kids yoga is designed to be fun and engaging for kids – tying themes to things they love such as Princesses and Superheroes, I find it very important that each kiddo participating in my sessions, whether they be group or private, understands that THEY are as strong, powerful and awesome as the princesses and superheroes they admire.

    I want them to know that that real life Superheroes and Princesses walk among us and they have the potential to be a superhero or princess too. Case in point, my talented friend Anu French. An integrative pediatrician, loving Mom of two beautiful girls, artist, healer, musician, yogini… and I could go on (seriously), Anu is SUPERWOMAN personified.

    Recently her artwork was sourced by Vida to come to life on a line of beautifully crafted clothing – not only do these gorgeous t-shirts and scarves feature Anu’s original artwork, but a large portion of the proceeds benefit Literacy for Life, a program teaching vital skills with the goal to rehabilitate and educate those who produce the clothing.

    I encourage you to check out Anu’s line at Vida – shop for yourself or buy a unique gift for a friend – you’ll be making a difference AND adding a unique, stylish piece to your closet. Philanthropy and style – who could ask for more?

    Check out the full clothing line, featuring work from Anu’s insightful “I Am” series here:

    Anu’s entire art series can be viewed/purchase here: http://anufrench.com/category/paintings/

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