• Tacos and Burritos Part II

    Tacos and Burritos ….. can you tell I am still hungry? This week we’ll explore part two of this fun theme to allow kids to cool down and then relax after yoga!

    Part II: Burrito Roll is a great end to a yoga practice. Tucking kids in making them feel warm, cosy and safe this technique provides tactile input for sensory development. Beware that some kids may feel claustrophobic so check out the handy teaching tips at the end of this post.


    Cozy Blanket Burritos – Yum!

    Burrito Roll 
    (Benefits: Tactile Input; Massage; Safety; Calming and Relaxing)

    1. You will need a blanket, 3 yards of stretchy fabric OR an extra yoga mat. Child lays on blanket, fabric or yoga mat, shoulders should line up with horizontal end of fabric (do not cover head/face).

    2. Legs and arms should be straight, arms rest along side torso. Ask child to make their body as stiff as tin soldier and gently roll them until they are bundled in the fabric, like a burrito.

    3. Once bundled ask what toppings they would like their burrito to have. Apply the ‘toppings’ in gentle downward strokes along the sides of the child’s body. Gentle tapping can be applied to add cheese sprinkles etc.


    Yummy Yoga Mat Burrito Roll – Applying toppings!

    *Some children may not want to be a burrito – in this case they can be a hotdog (for massage apply mustard, ketchup, sprinkle fried onions etc.) or even a Caterpillar in a cocoon (for massage apply paint to the wings of their butterfly developing in the cocoon).

    **Give children the option to have their arms outside or inside the burrito before rolling them as well as a tight or lose burrito.

    *** Check in with the child as you roll them in the mat/fabric — some children may feel claustrophobic and need to be let out immediately.

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