• Air Tennis Anyone?

    What is Air Tennis and how does it help me? Air Tennis is a fun variation on Air Soccer and Air Basketball (see previous posts) that can be played with a friend or parent and or even two pairs (*doubles anyone?). While playing and having fun kids learn a lot about breath control/regulation and how breathing one way can help them to feel relaxed, and another, energized.

    Maneuvering the pom-pom in our game of tennis,  a short energetic burst of breath will send it flying fast, but without control over the direction;  long, slow, gentle breaths move the pom-pom more slowly, but with lot more control over the direction moves in. The body and mind can respond to breathing the same way — slow gentle breaths allow us take control of our responses.  Play, have fun, and notice how it makes you feel!

    What will I need?

    1. Straws (thick smoothie straws or regular drinking straws – bendy ones are easiest for maneuvering
    2. Pom-poms
    3. Colored masking tape or painters tape

    How do I do it?

    1. Divide a table or yoga mat in half by putting a straight line of masking or painters tape across the middle. This is your net.

    2. Each player should sit or stand at either end of the table, or lie on belly on either end of yoga mat (*for doubles, several yoga mats placed side by side or a larger table such as a dining table is recommended).

    3. Begin to play Air Tennis by passing the pompom back and forth across the court by blowing air through your straw to move it.

    4. You can play by volleying the ball to one another and scoring a single point each time your opponent misses the volley and the game needs to start over. OR, if you are familiar with the game of tennis and how to score, you may proceed to score this way – and can even mark up a full court using the tape!

    5. Remember, improving your own score is always more important than beating your opponent.

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